Poverty or Snafu Cranks/Hub

Poverty Cranks/Hub

Snafu Cranks/Hub

I was looking at the sale page on danscomp and came accross these two sets of seemingly decent cranks/hubs. I was initially wondering if these would work on unicycles, and, if so, would the square tapered Poverty’s be any stronger than regular square-tapered cranks, seeing as they have the hex key screw to tighten them?

I dont see any holes on the hub for the spokes to go into, which makes me think that these wouldn’t work on a unicycle at all…?

The cranks will, remember where you pedal on a bike there are no spokes…that thin pops into the frame.

Those are bottom brackets, not hubs - they fit in the bottom bracket shell on a bike, so they aren’t part of the wheel.

As for the cranks, they might not share the same spline pattern as any unicycle hub. Can’t help you on that.


Bah… I was hoping this thread would be the dilemma between being able to eat for a month or buying shiny things with the money instead…


Lol me too. Those sqaure taper cranks would probably be quite strong and would fit a unicycle hub as all square tapers are all the same, would probably be a waste of money as you’d have to buy the bottom bracket aswell. The splined ones looked like ISIS, so would fit the KOXX unis but no others.

Haha, I just reread the title and understand how there could be some confusion :stuck_out_tongue: