Posture repairs

I’ve been noticing this for several days, and trying (and failing) to isolate/clear it the whole time, maybe someone else has some ideas.

While riding in straight lines (most of my riding) I have two positions I default to; anything else feels off balance and usually results in a UPD.

Those two positions are either:
-upper body twisted to the left, left hand out to my side (thus, directly behind me)
-straight on, arms neutral, etc, but torso leaned to the right (confirmed by looking down at the right side of the wheel, as well as by the ache in my muscles from holding myself up sideways

When I manage to ride ‘straight’, I have to make sure to keep my right knee from scrubbing the wheel (I ride a coker).
Trying to figure what could be causing that particular off-balance.

Does this same thing happen to you on a smaller wheel? Like a 20 or 24 inch?

How long have you been riding this coker?

Also, if you are riding in a road, most of them have a chamber, a slope to it, and your uni wheel may be being pulled by this chamber, causing your body to constintly counter it by leaning to one side or another.

Your tire might also be too slugish and causing this to happen, so a little more pressure could help.

I do it on the 24 too; haven’t been riding it all that long admittedly; and while that was one theory, I have the same leans going in either direction on the same bit of path. Tire pressure is currenly 52 PSI on the Coker, 68 PSI on the 24.

I deal with similar leans, and find it’s more pronounced on a hard firm seat, less so on padded or air seats. I believe it’s due to my pelvis being tilted so that the right side is lower than the left, and the softer seats absorb the misalignment and mask it a bit. I have more trouble keeping a stable posture on the harder seats.

Some years ago a physical therapist did measurements which showed that, while lying flat on my back, the right foot was two inches farther down the mat than the left foot: all due to the tilt of the pelvis. I’m thinking that if I can reduce this misalignment my posture will be easier to maintain.

i was kicked in the back during a soccer game this season and had some weird deep muscle/rib damage, i couldnt ride for more than two weeks, and when i started riding again, i’m totally twisted to the right, i can’t tell if it was because of my back or not, but my back still hurts and im still all twisted to the right. maybe youre seat is a little off center or something?


I find I have the same issue, except mine is reverse from yours. Anyway, I have tried all kinds of things, nothing seems to get rid of it 100%. Higher pressure in the tire helps, sit up straight and try to maintain a good posture.

Last year I rode 1500 miles on my coker and 1250 so far this year, and still I lean. Sometimes it really bothers me, but most of the time I just ride. I can ride with either hand on the handle (kh seat) or both hands free and sometimes switching hands helps. I rode Saturday and there was a 30 mile an hour wind, I must have looked like a pretzel that day with the crosswind.