Posting Records

I’m thinking about posting a little site that has the biggest sets ever tricked down with certain tricks. Crankflip, 180 flip, shitfy, 360 hoptwist. and stuff like that. To the best of my knowledge, and if you know more about the trick than me, you could help me out. But yeah, i’ll wait until defect is out until that. Just wondering if that is something that would be cool for you to see. I tried looking for the biggest sets ever tricked down with skateboard tricks, didn’t work ( I know they would be really big, w/e ) The street tricks are really just starting out, so it’s just to my information known. When the site starts, all I need is video proof of the trick down the set or I have to see it. lol. But yeah. I won’t attach the videos to the site though. Keeping it more interesting for the people striving for it. I want street to develop more, and this might help. Thanks for your time.

-Shaun Johanneson

That would be great! Ill help any way i can. (with in reasion LOL)

Sounds like a good start, but I dont see how “making people strive for it” will help street grow… I think it would get more people ‘inspired’/interested if they acctaully SAW the tricks, etc. being done then just reading about it. Enlighten me…?

Yeah links should definitely be on the site for the tricks.

I can see it now…

Record Holders:

Trick 1:Shaun Johanneson

Trick 2:Mike Clark

Trick 3:Shaun Johanneson

Trick 4:Mike Clark

Just kidding…But hey it sounds really cool. Yeah wait till defect is out before releasing this. Anyways…sounds good. Peace. Kelly.

I do: as you don’t exactly tell what or how to do, potential copy-cats will be trained to at least use some of their own creativity! …to later (intended or not) contribute to the sport. And come up with variations or adaptions or adjustments the originator did’nt even thought of.

I’m glad it’s all good feedback. I’ll start the site after defect is out for sure. I’ll start making the list now. But yeah, that mike clark, shaun johanneson thing was really funny. thanks. lol. Leo you post a really good point that I never even thought of, thank you. Well thanks for all the help too. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

Re: Posting Records

why won’t you attach the videos? I think that’s pretty much the only reason I would go to a site like that, because I personally quite enjoy watching online uni videos…

Ya, i think you should post the videos, if it says someone has done something like a 540 crankflip into a handrail its not interesting unless we get to see it. I think a list of what people have done would be more boring…but i would probably go there anyway:D

Thanks, but also consider the other side of the balance-scale: if the n00b holds a certain trick for impossible… you can write whatever you like… but then a video would stimulate more.
Like coasting. I knew it was part of level 10. But when I 1st ever saw Trevor from London (Hackney) doing it I was stunned and hardly could believe my own eyes. Result: same month I could coast to, which otherwise would have take much longer.
Or what about coasting the Julien way? Would you believe it while not having seen the evidence?
Recently I finaly understoot -after 7 years- the difference between step around and inverse. Are you able to make a fool-proof and fail-proof explenation? Some skills are better just shown than described.
what language does your webpage speak, who will you reach?
what language will the demo-clips speak, who will it be able to reach?

My personal opinion? Just dump it online.

I’m able to speak english, german, and some spanish (not a lot). The website is changing and expanding a bit. I want it to be a completely street based website. With info, trick info, naming tricks, and people that have done what. (Keep in mind If a movie is being made I won’t post anything like that to wreck it, so the video stays more underground.) But yeah. I suppose if one wanted a clip of any of those tricks that were posted. You could ask me and if it’s available i won’t transfer it out. laters

-Shaun Johanneson

The majority of street riders who are breaking records, use their footage in videos. If you can see all these tricks for free online, 1 you would be less willing to buy a video with this new amazing trick (you’ve already seen it), and 2 you will be less impressed the second time you see it (compromising the impact of the video).

I think that is a great idea for a site Shaun. It would create a sort of timeline for street unicycling, making it easy to see how quickly it is progressing.

Maybe you should just have a picture of the trick so it gives you an idea of what it looks like but when it comes out in a movie it wont be old news and people might be more curious to see the whole thing so the movie has a bigger impact. I could be completly wrong because im kinda making stuff up but its sounds reasonable to me:) I know pictures wont portray some tricks very well because you cant distinguish between things like a crankflip and a double crankflilp and stuff like that. Just an idea…