Posting (multiple) pics without links

Can someone please tell me the method for doing this? I have several Muni pics but would like to be able to insert ALL of them on just one post, without links. Thanks!:smiley:

PS: PM me if you prefer.

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So I need a host site for each pic so I’ll have a url for it? Can’t just upload from my compy?

upload the pics as normal then use the url thing and use the urls from the pictures you uploaded.

Ok thanks but I did it the one-at-time method.:o


The answer to your question lies within this thread.

Thanks. The very first thing I did was a search, typing in “Posting Mulitple pics”, but the only thing that came up was my post, haha. Guess I just didn’t use the exact, correct syntax. But I tried.

For this post I used the technique described by john_childs in post #13 from Harper’s link above. Worked just fine.

Thanks for all the help, but I thing “Goats” had the best and easiest method. Worked fast and quick.

And that method is…?

Here are Goats’ directions. They worked fast and easy for me.

<< Start a new post.
On the top line on the toolbar (where all the text size, color options are) there is a paperclip icon. click on it.
A new window will open. upload your photos in that window.
Once you’ve done that, you can close that and click on the paperclip icon once again.
It will list all the photos you’ve uploaded and at the bottom of the list it will say “Insert all”
click that and they’ll be pasted into your post.>>

Cool. I didn’t know the paperclip button had that feature. I never noticed the “Insert all” option. I had been doing it by manually typing in the [ATTACH] vb code. The paperclip “Insert all” option automates that.

This thread has taken on a whole new level of magnitude. It’s important to acknowledge that.


I always figured that method was known by everyone. lol

When doing what Jackie says, instead of clicking insert all, just click one picture name, and it pastes that picture into the thread. Thats what I do when im writing something, put in one picture, continue writing, insert another picture.

EDIT: I guess you cant remove pictures though, and the two in my post were just testing, cause at first I didnt have a insert all option until I had more than one picture, which makes sense. So one picture is from my sister that she saved on my desktop, and the other is my loser.


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