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I have three Salsas and two Hopes, the Hopes are nice because they have a brass bushing to keep the lever from eating into the clamp hinge/pivot and they can be fine adjusted by hand using the knurled knob on the opposite side from the QR. If you can wait for the shipment, Hope QR clamps can be ordered on sale from Chain Reaction Cycles in the UK.

If you order a Salsa, get one in black, the anodizing makes the QR wear better, like an impromptu brass bushing.

28.6 OD for Nimbus
31.8-32.0 OD for KH

My 36er Nimbus Impulse “Muni”

The “family”

Those look awesome Ben.

I think I sense a theme…

And I have 3 Salsa quick releases. Never had any problems with any of them. In my opinion they are well worth the money.

I like the Coker Non-Skid tire on my 36er for mixed riding (not that I’ve tried any other 36er tire). Great grip in all conditions, and still seems to roll fine on pavement. Only downside it’s that it’s heavy.
Did you get that with a steel axle, or are you going to risk aluminum on a “muni”?

Yeah, hey Ben, how do you feel about disc brakes? :slight_smile:

Green Oregon Chromoly hub, the aluminum spindles are barely strong enough for road use.

165/135 Moments, Fyxation Mesa I pedals, Bengal hydraulic left over from the Oregon, 185 Hayes disc, Hope seat collar, the rest is all typical KH stuff. I got the Coker tire for mixed use until the new mountain 36er tire is available, Foss Tube cuz I could :slight_smile:

Once I break the post I’ll replace it with a Thompson :roll_eyes:

Meh, they’re okay :slight_smile:

Quite the stable Ben! I had been watching this thread for pictures of your new 36er but I should have known you’d put it here. Let us know how you like that Coker tire in contrast to a Nightrider. Now we’ve got someone else to fight over one of those new lightweight knobby 36er tires if/when they ever come out. I am really looking forward to their release! Not that I do a lot of MUni on my 36er. I stick to the rails-to-trails paved paths because I fill my clear FOSS tube to 60+psi. That sucker really rolls!

Look how the 36er dwarfs everything else. Welcome back to the big wheelin club!

Tis that I don’t do sig lines anymore.

Seriously, I wouldn’t have gotten a 36er but for two things, because the guni didn’t work for me I needed something faster, and then the development of a lightweight offroad 36" tire. The XC tire put me over the edge, the wide hub and disc brake are the icing.

It’s been raining all weekend, plus with it being Mother’s day, well I am ashamed to say it, but the 36er has only seen a few passes up and down the street so far :o I’m running 20psi on the Coker, it feels a lot more nimble than the Nightrider, though to say a 36er is nimble is silly talk, but I think it’ll do until the new tire is done. The Foss tube seems to work fine, can’t really tell anything different in terms of rotational weight.

I’m running 165/135, might go up to 170’s for a little more leverage, would jump on 175’s if they existed for ISIS…wait, doesn’t Echo make a 175?

The only issue I had when building it up was the disc brake tab seemed a little out of kilter, so I had to use a thin washer to space one side of the caliper, works fine other than the brake needs so wear in.

My first Muni

I finally have a Muni that I can post. It came last Friday and this morning I was able to get out for my first muni ride (pictures in the “your latest ride post”). As you can see it’s a Nimbus 24inch and I went with the double hole KH cranks. Added a KH post from my Torker, brake from Brycer1968 by way of NurseBen, and a custom Angry Bird valve cap made for me by my daughter.

My favorite part on the Muni.

Did your rim come with “” on it? mine didn’t… I’m a sucker for things that make wheels stick out

I just cut up the bumper sticker that came with it. I saw someone else do it and liked how it looked.

Ha, thats awesome… I knew I’d seen that font somewhere before. I like the way it makes the rim pop!

The green frame and the valve cap are great. How did your daughter made it?

@ Nurse Ben: Where did you get this tire?

The valve cap is made out of Sculpey. It’s a polymer clay that you bake in your oven at 275f for 15 minutes. She’s made several valve caps for her friends, and sister. She either forms it around a metal valve cap then bakes it, or makes it and we drill a hole in it, and glue in a plastic cap. They’re pretty tough too. Her unicycle takes a good beating with all the tricks that she does and the bird is always there.

That’s an excellent idea. I’m pretty sure my wife has some of that stuff around somewhere, I see sharks in my future. :slight_smile:

Do you mean the XC 36er tire? It’s not available yet, still in development, so keep your eyes peeled, when it comes available I will be posting a review “post haste”.

I rode the 36er with the Coker “name” tire tonight, 20psi, did pretty well, far nicer riding off road than the Nightrider, kinda suprised more folks don’t use it for muni, traction is pretty good and it rides nice at low psi.

I own every size uni from 19" trials to 36er, but when it comes to pure MUni, nothing beats my kh 24, with LM rim and intense 24x3! :sunglasses:

gold gap.jpg

I put a set of ISIS ZOO! 175 trials cranks on my 29er four or five years ago. When I looked recently, it didn’t seem like ZOO! or Echo was making 175s anymore. They’re overkill for bigger wheel diameters anyway - rims buckle and taco long before the cranks fail.

You can still source ISIS standard cranks at 175 length from other companies (perhaps Middleburn or Tensile), although you might have to settle for forged manufacture instead of CNC.

Most cranks are forged and then machined if they’re aluminium, forging isn’t exactly a bad thing either…

Not entirely sure why you’d want 175s! That’s crazy length. I used to run 170s on my first 24" Qu-Ax unicycle and they were pretty awful. I dislike the 150s on my 24" now :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to know.

Aggressive downhill runs don’t end well with short cranks.