post your homemade handlebars here!

Now that’s clever. I have a junk frame laying around here somewhere… this looks like it would be a good improvement over my current one.

Two stems and two bar ends.

Very light and stiff.


I have used both the T7 and the stock Coker handle on my new Big One.

I greatly prefer the Coker handle. I like that the bar ends are separately attached, allowing adjustment of the angle. Having upright bar ends makes a HUGE difference in being able to take weight out of the seat on longer rides. I’ts just more comfortable.

The double bar (pi bar) Coker design is very sturdy. I would always feel the T7 move when I mounted. No movement with the Coker bar.

A problem I see with the T7 is the twisting caused by only having a single attachment point back to the mounting bracket. I would guess that this is a major cause of breakage.

The double bar Coker design is superior to the single bar T7, IMHO. I don’t see why the T7 could use 2 bars, welded on either side of the seat bracket.


Can I have a picture of your full setup( unicycle) with some specs?
Looks like a KH coker, but not sure

It’s a 36" Nimbus

The handle was very good. But got stuck in the seatpost after one year. Because of the galling (oxide) between aluminium seatpost and the aluminium stem.

Wheel build: Kovachi Wheels, John Kovachi, 4-cross pattern
Rim: Airfoil 36" Rim 1200grams
Tyre: Coker 36 * 2 1/4" 1960grams
Tube: Schwalbe 29er tube (AV 19), 40/60-622/635 (7.3 oz - 207.4 grams)
Spokes: 12ga (Diameter 2.667mm/ 0.105in)
Bearings: SKF 6203-2RSH, 17-mm ID, 40-mm OD
Cranks: Bicycle Euro Cotterless Steel Crank Arms 125mm, 550g
Pedals: Xpedo MX Force MGCR (408 grams)
Hub: UDC Superwide CrMo Cotterless, 125mm bearing spacing (center - center), 100mm flange spacing
Frame: Nimbus, Cr-mo
Colour: Blue
Seatpost: Kris Holm 25.4mm with Kris Holm Seat Post Bracket
Seatpost Clamp: Kris Holm Dual Bolt
Seat: Kris Holm Fusion Freeride 2007
Handle: Kris Holm and Custom Road Handle buildt by Kato Klevengen
Brake: Magura Hydraulic HS33 Silver
Computer: Sigma BC-500


I have a new handlebar I just made a few weeks ago. Blog posting:

single picture (more above):

New thread about it:

Alright, so I finally got around to recycling my broken T7. I just cut it off and stuck it into a seat post which I attached to a stem with seat post clamps. So far it seems to work alright. I may shorten it a little though. The angle could be steeper too, and maybe I’ll move the brake lever back to the handle bar.

I replaced the T7 part with some aluminum adjustable parts:

Thats a nice handlebar you got there, now spraypaint the silver bar black :wink:
I also like the plastic bottle fender, thats nice thinking of you.

Cool! has the bike seat been working out for you?


I imagine a bike seat would be quite nice with a handlebar to rest weight on.

Thanks, maybe I’ll spray it some time. I think it’s okay in silver, though.
The plastic bottle fender was actually not my invention, I just saw Ducttape’s version and got inspired… But it really works well. I attached it to the frame with sticky velcro straps, so I can take it off when I don’t need it.

Yes, the setup works pretty well. It isn’t much more comfortable than the previous one, if at all. But it sure takes the stress off the more fragile areas… I think I need a longer seat post to make it even better. Moving the seat back a little more might be a good idea too. So I guess I’ll be experimenting with that.

First post on this forum :slight_smile:

A good friend of mine made this one, it is made from a bike appartement handlebar, the position is really nice although I’m not yet completely used to put weight on it.

Homemade T-bar! (well, not exactly the same thing)

I Finaly did it! Last winter I wanted to make my own handlebar for my Coker, and I started yesterday:p Now it is finished! but it not painted.

It’s a bit like a T-bar but it’s not as ajustable as a T-bar and it’s a bit longer than a T-7 (probably a bit more heavy too).
I know my seat is crappy
There are the pictures

Sexy seat :wink:

A little update on my setup:

  • Got a longer seat post, which made it much more comfortable to ride.

  • Mounted the brake lever sideways with a spooner and put some better bar ends on.

  • I also found a nicer way to attach the brake line to the boom.

So far I like it and and it is not showing any signs of fatigue.

my handlbars

These were made with a KH post with brake post and a 20" lollipop uni frame and seat post clamp. I bent the frame downward and added handlebar foam, tape, handlebar wrap, grips and bmx bar ends. The KH rail adapter is another possible option that adds some adjustability , and weight:(. I just shim my saddle for adjustment instead.:smiley:

oh, and check out the spooner spooner, and the bar end headlight.

Very nice, I like the light mounted on the bar end under the boom. You’ve obviously put a lot of thought into this project.

The first time I rode a Coker with handle bars my body said “neeeto, it’s a bike” and immediately put my weight forward onto the handles. Needless to say this resulted in immediately falling forward. It seems handle bars on unis are more for stabilizing weight versus actually taking weight. I could be wrong as I’ve read about the ability to take weight off of your bottom by leaning on the handle bars but that didn’t work for me.

With your “handles” so far out from the seat do you have any trouble with weight when leaning that far forward?

hey, the cool thing about these bars is I can place my hands any where from closest to me to all the way out. most of my riding they are just a little back from all the way out. I wouldn’t think of big wheel riding without handlebars these days. It makes it way more comfy and efficient. I think it’s more about distributing weight evenly between your bottom and your hands while still maintaining your balance in the center.

Handlebar from Scooter

Here’s a handlebar that was unplanned and just happened, was easy and quick to attach, needed no modifications and was free (had nuts and bolts laying around). May give someone ideas.

I have an older style Coker with 22.2mm seatpost diameter. Pi-bar is attached to frame, too big for seatpost.

I came across a scooter in the trash, those “Razors” with tiny wheels, that was missing a wheel and thrown out. Took the handle off. Attached it directly to the quick release skewer and with a couple u-bolts I had laying around to my Coker pi-bar, put two bolts through T-bar grip/handle and added my barends. No modifications. Took a couple hours to figure out and attach. Adjustable height by moving pi-bar. Length is easily and quickly adjustable with scooter handle quick release while riding. Feels solid except where T-bar grip/handle slides through T-bar. I added bolts, but still has a little play.

I rode it with the handle for a couple days. Was great. Felt real stable and bike-like at faster speed. Took it off for now, as I really like the sitting up unicycling position and it felt heavy. Together the pi-bar and scooter handle weigh 3lbs, 1.5lbs each.