post your homemade handlebars here!

For under the saddle I use two fingers for both power and fatigue and can run out of either. In the new setup I could get away with one finger but in order to do that I’d have to have a slightly longer bar and also a longer hose. So I’m making do with two fingers and feel I have sufficient grip on the bar.

I made another version with a longer bar which enables me to do one-finger braking.

Don’t you find it more troublesome to have the brake more to the front? Because of the T-Bar on my 32", the brake handle is also in front of the seat, but when going downhill, it makes balancing a bit more difficult I think. With handle right under the seat, closer to the centre feels better.

Unfortunately waited too long to be able to edit the previous message. Anyways Waalrus, another thing I noticed with your handle bar, where are the handles, there is only a bar :slight_smile:

I completely agree that closer to center feels better, especially on the freewheel. My hand position is actually very similar to what it is when the lever is mounted directly under the bumper. It’s just turned 90 degrees so that I can use a single index finger to brake. There might be a way to have a differently shaped bar (maybe J) so that the lever could be turned so that it’s more like a lever on a mountain bike but that configuration might have more a tendency to snag on legs during a UPD and it might be more difficult to protect the brake hose.

It may be difficult to see in the photo since it’s black but I have a grip on the bar where I hold it. On longer rides when I’m mostly pedaling (vs. coasting or brake-coasting) I put my left hand over the right one just slightly ahead of it.

I put my original handle on my fixed unicycle and am trying out this new one on my freewheel unicycle. I cut about 2" off the bar and this is the longest the brake hose will reach. Instead of cutting off the top of the T I attached the flexible PVC coupling to a cut off handlebar end.

I finally got around to making my homebrew version of the KH bars. Old bike handlebar, mounted in an adjustable stem, bolted to a stiffener plate I cut and drilled from an aluminum plate.

The stem is actually mounted backwards vs. a bike, with the handlebar where the steerer tube is supposed to fit.

No advantage vs. the normal KH setup except cheapness. With tax and shipping, buying a KH bar from UDC would have cost as much as I paid for the unicycle…

So far it seems OK. I kept the saddle handle because I liked it for riding uphill standing, pulling on the handle. I might swap the bar out for something that works better for 2-handed riding, but we’ll see. It seems stiff enough, even though I didn’t install 2 of the bolts (didn’t have enough long bolts lying around).

I like your purple frame!

Nice job!
I was thinking that there was something to do with bike stems for a custom bar and you just demonstrated that it is viable.

I cannot wait to see your trick for a 2 hands setup :wink:

Elegant and simple. I like that, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Front Bumper

I think that one thing missing on off the shelf or homemade handlebars is a dedicated front bumper. They will smack the ground or road sometimes and it make sense, just like a modern unicycle saddle to be prepared for the inevitable.

On my daily rider I added a tough front bumper to protect the handle. It can slam into the pavement with great speed and force with no damage. On this one the tennis ball (with a little padding inside the ball) will hit the road well before the handle.

I also made a larger one that serves as a bumper and tool carrier. I can carry all the tools I need including tire pump and patches.

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Just cut the bar ( looks like seat post) 2 inches in front of the stem and put a cheap frame over it, clamped with a seatpost clamp. and there you are…

Probably a bad idea to put something light and fragile on the front of a unicycle, but I couldn’t resist this cool carbon fiber aerobar I saw on ebay for $25. It’s from a Profile Lightning Stryke clip-on aerobar kit.

I wish it were a few inches longer, but otherwise I like it. Still have to put some handlebar tape on the grip areas, and figure out a bumper so it might survive a crash.

That looks very nice. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing it is most likely to break where the bar goes into the stem. If you could find a way of joining part your other bar onto this it would lengthen it and maybe stop it breaking there too. Getting a piece of tube the right diameter to go up inside the carbon and alloy tubes might be difficult though. If you got something a bit smaller some glassfibre/epoxy body filler might do to pad it out and bond the smaller tube inside though and strengthen everything up.

I had a set of Profile Design carbon bar ends mounted on the underseat bars on a recumbent at one point – I was pretty sick when I came off it and damaged those. I hope this setup lasts a while for you.

that is a nice looking handlebar. I hope you can find a way to protect it.

That’s what she said.:smiley:

For a while, I used a squash ball as a bumper, rather than the tennis ball shown in a recent post.

@mr impossible- nice work on your handlebar set up. I like the clever use of the adjustable stem. With your new carbon bar, have you thought about flipping it over and increasing the angle on the stem? It might give you a more flat handle position out in front which you may find to be more comfortable.

I did try that; it sort of works. At the maximum up angle, the handles are still tilted slightly downward, and are closer in. With just a little more up angle, and distance, it would be pretty good.

It does seem to offer a little more crash resistance, since the bars will hit straight down, and the bumpers I put on the end will work better.

This is plainest and chipest decision, that I was able to invent.
The handle made from PP fittings, the tube is a piace of 22mm aluminium tube, although you may use common bicycle underseat tube. But in this case there will be impossible to install additional devices, like brake lever or bell ring.
What is interest, I use this combination several years and find it more comfortabe and suitable, then many famous saddles and handle bars are.