Post Your 36er Here

So vintage and so cool! Only thing I would add would be elbow rests for the aerobars. These should be donated to the Smithsonian someday! :slight_smile:

Haha, Terry how is it that you could make me feel old? It’s not that vintage… Hey, the menace even had a disc brake!

Close-up shots of the menace can be found in this great thread:

not finding the ones with photos of the purple phase at this moment, but they exist!

Haha, I know it’s not that old, but uni-technology is improving so fast. I think your unis are timeless though, and beautifully designed! Wish I had one like it. :smiley:

yeah. just to clarify: I didn’t build them (wish I had!), I just felt old because I remember when the forums were buzzing about them.

Really wish they’d gone into production. I’d be riding so fast right now…

Hey, just realized I’ve never posted my 36er here. So to get back on topic a little bit:
My current ride will be off the test-bench and gathering loads of data as soon as my new hub comes in and after I figure out how to build it into my wheel!

Personally I really like the black-tape optical encoder pattern for looks.
Here it is:

V-Frame: more than a year ago i posted this: (v-frame, aerobars, bike (roadrace) saddle, schlumpf hub…):

Here’s the Purple Phaze thread.

I remember seeing this one last year. It too looks really nice.

Are you still riding it? How’s it holding up? What changes would you consider if you had to do it again?

Maybe you know if Pete still on here or has he moved onto other types of projects? I always liked his jackshaft designs and was bummed when U-turn in Texas I think dropped the idea of producing them.

I haven’t seen Pete Perron (aka unisk8r) him on the forums since about the summer of 2008. I think he cleaned out his shop (I was the lucky recipient of this purge) and moved on to other endeavors.


someone should totally do a trials high jump on a 36er

The guy in the Coker promo video comes close. The video is on their website @:

That’s Brian Oley… he’s pretty quick with that coker!

A friend in Montreal hopped 4 stairs with his Coker! I’m going to ride some Muni and maybe street stuff on mine this summer. I can’t wait to try this out :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got coker fever, gotta gets me one.

agree 110%

36er “faring” well!

I wanted to make a little “Faring” or “Fin” for my 36er, that would add a cool look to it, and also provide adequate flat space to mount things to it, like maybe speakers and a few other things. It doesn’t add any real weight, being only a few ounces, and it straps on with flat velcro ties.

I’m out of those at the moment, so I used zip ties. It was just something fun to make, I like the look and it doesn’t get in the way at all. :smiley: This was just my first prototype, and if I did it again, I’d make the lower part closer to the tire. :slight_smile:





got yourself a real propaganda machine now : P speakers AND a place for advertisements. Now all you need is to “accidentally” leave your backpack open so papers can fly out proclaiming your news!


Is that a piano bench holding up the painted piece in the second photo?

You are correct sir! it’s an old padded Yamaha grand bench that I had replaced with a new one, so I kept this one for my workshop.

Haha, shamless plug! I don’t sell any merchandise on my website or make a dime when people visit it, but it does serve to help motivate people to learn to ride, and also helps to promote our awesome sport! :D:)

You know Terry, 2 ads or so can create a good amount of extra $ to help pay for the site. People are used to ads for the most part, and I even run ad blocker programs, so I wouldn’t even see em anyways!