Post you favourite muni here

What’s your favourite muni? Post yours below (include a picture if you want) and why you like it. (you have to have rode or own the muni for it to count.)

I like my/the Nimbus Oregon (random unicycle just for example) because it accepts a Larry tyre.

I like my n26 because i can ride anything with it. with 140s i can cruse the streets and ride urban muni i can ride muni and do some good size trials with it. its very strong to :slight_smile: I have done a 5ft drop with it and im 220 pounds so that should say enough! here it is for ya.

My favorite muni…because it’s mine…it’s 24" and I customized it to my favorite color combination pink/black, :slight_smile:

UniMudder w pink brake 2 .jpg

i LOVE your pink kh24

Here’s my new muni after having 20 years off


How does it ride compared to a 24? I’m thinking of buying the same n26 as you, but i’m unsure if it will be worth it (I already own a kh24).

Is this cheating?

My Conundrum has two wheels.


i love it! its faster than my 24 when i had it and its alot easyer to handle than a 29. id recommend it all day!

Great! I posted a thread to find out whether a 26er would be worth it for an existing 24 owner but most people sugested a 29er. 29" is a bit big for me so soon I may me a member of the 26er owners club (would be weird if that existed).

I have 3, I built up a 24" too for technical downhill and some DH park riding, I love the fact that we can swap out wheels, I just outfitted my 26" and 24" with KH Spirit cranks and Maggie rotors, now the swap is super fast, I don’t need to mess with the caliper setting at all, just remove one and swap out the other, done. I’m going to get a set of spirit cranks and a Maggie rotor for my 29" wheel soon. I don’t think the 29" 3.0 tire will fit in our conundrum frames though… Bummer.

Tirving, it may be time to get an Oregon, before you buy too many KH Spirits :wink:

You can always paint the frame…and just think, it’ll take any wheel size (other than a 36") swappable just like your Mountain Cranks/Spirits, and knee knock is less of an issue. Post size is 25.4 ID like all Nimbus.

I think you’d like the wider stance, it relieves some of the crotch rub issue, and it provides a wider base of support (more control). I use the wider bearing spacing on my muni and 36er, Moment cranks. If I remember correctly, using the Sinz cranks with a 100mm hub spacing is the same pedal width as using the Ventures with a 125mm hub spacing.

Hey, are those Echo cranks on the non disc wheel you have pictured? What length are they? PM me if they are 160 or 165’s and you want to sell them.

There are some problems with your idea.

  1. I really don’t like the look of the Oregon frame
  2. I get no knee rub with my conundrum
  3. I’m not going to rebuild my wheels with a wider hub
  4. I prefer external rotors, easier to true/service on rides.
  5. Until I ride one, I’m not convinced there is less side to side flex that the nightrider frame.

I really don’t need a 29" 3.0 tire. My 29" wheelset is for speed and lightness on mellow, rolling single/double track. It may work in the conundrum with a wider 29" rim to spread the tire our a bit, but not too inclined to build one as my 26" and 24" wheels are used much more with all the technical/steep trails we have here. There really aren’t many rolling trails.

Well this seems popular! :frowning:

It’s not that your thread isn’t popular, it’s just a slow summer on the forum, maybe because folks are out riding…

I know this is “post your favorite muni” but there is already a long standing “post your muni” post here:

They might be too similar and the latter post has a TON of info on it.

Did you get a 26?

Probably. I guess I didn’t think of that - I haven’t been out much with all this rain and lightning in england.

I might be ordering one today (deep pockets, short arms) but it’ll probably take until the end of the week for me to decide. I went on a muni ride yesterday and I couldn’t really see where I’d need a 26er so it really depends on how much XC/light tech I’m going to do in future. Regardless, who doesn’t like a new muni, or two, or three, or…

right now i am in the same situation as you. i got a 19 and a 26 and im looking at a 29er but i wana see my terrain before i move.

A 29 is like a 26, only faster :slight_smile:

Right Wes :roll_eyes: