Possibly a Summit for sale...

First off if I did sell it you’d be paying shipping. Its in the stylings of Zach Jucha in that I’d be selling it to get an '05 KH. So it would be a have to be a decent offer. Then I’d pay the rest. It has a Luna tire with decent tread, Alex Rim in true, Summit frame, KH wheelset, Torker LX seat (black Miyata), all in good great condition. There are some cosmetic scratches but they are to be expected. Oh yeah wellgo platform pedals with pretty sparse pins or new plastic ones. I prefer plastic for grinding and there lightness. Feel free to ask questions.


got any pics? :thinking:

Not right now, but if I get my hands on a camera I will get some up.


anfd what would you consider a reasonable offer? :thinking:

Make one and i’ll tell you if its reasonable. :smiley:



You do know it is splined? I never abused it either. I payed quite a bit more than that for it. Too much, because of shipping crap they added on. Thats my way of saying unreasonable. Some one tell me if I’m wrong in thinking this.


Most semi-used summits, basically what yours sounds like, go on ebay for like $200-$350 . Put it on ebay, well maybe wait a few weeks after christmas because nobody’s gonna spend that much money right after christmas.

I think you can get much more reasonable bids on ebay.

Just out of curiosity, how much did you spend on your summit? I spent $250 on my brand new one, plus shipping.


Yeah that price range was what I was thinking thanks. I’m not completely sure why I didn’t just say that. I think I was afraid of scaring people off. :stuck_out_tongue:


Edit: It was supposed to come to like $420 CAD, about $375 plus shipping I think was the deal. But when it arrived I got over the boarder charges and it came to like $560. I definitely wouldn’t have got it if I knew it would be that much. But hey, I learned a life lesson. That was in May I think, so it isn’t very old.

I love my Summit and I’m always looking for good unis for some of the talented riders in our club. However, I think that a fair deal for a used Summit these days, with all other great current stuff coming out, is more like $200US. Even a new Summit needs a tad of work to remove the nubs. These old cranks are soon to be relics.


Is that an offer? I thought 350 seemed high too.


How does one remove the “nubs”?

No, not an offer (yet) but I wanted to toss in my two-cents as to what would be a fair price.

Before the nub removal I hated my Summit. I was ruining my shoes AND my ankles. The inside of the shoe toe was quickly worn-out and the shoe beneath the ankle too was torn and worn. Need I mention that my ankles were perpetually bruised and bleeding? Many times when I would launch down a flight of stairs I would have the nub catch my heel and lift my foot off the pedal. Hated it! Hated it so much I built myself a Profile/Yuni trials ride. Now that my Summit is neutered it lives in my truck and is ridden everyday and my precious Profile/Yuni is still pristine.

The nub removal process on my Summit changed my life! A unicycling machinist grounded-down the nub and made a spacer for the axle so that the bolt still fit. I think that Darren Bedford has a different bolt that might replace the spacer routine.



I could offer 200$ US, i live in Halifax so maybe we could meet somewhere so you wouldent have to ship it?

Let me Know,

I’ve been too bashful to ask what nuetering a unicycle involved. I assume the summit had a quick recovery. I almost got nuetered a few times doing trials. :o

Tommy, (or anyone else) do the nubs on the KH24 bother you also? I’ve never had any probelm with the nubs on mine. I wonder if the trials nubs would be a problem for me?

Sorry, but I’m not making a bid on this Summit.


Hey Bill,

Happy holiday!

I have only ridden a KH 24 for about 30 seconds while at the Crossville, TN gathering - and it was yours! I know tons of folks who have had no problems with the nubbed KH cranks. It is just my riding profile didn’t mesh well with the nubs.