possible spoke problems

i have the suspicion that my 24" trainer is developing some fault with the spokes, but i don’t know much about maintenance and i’d appreciate some confirmation/advice. i can occasionally hear soft clanging noises from the wheel, just when rolling or idling, and squeaks when i hop.

it’s the standard £100 unicycle.com trainer, which i’ve had for only three months or so. i don’t use it for anything too extreme - the odd ride down stairs, and once or twice hopping from heights in excess of a foot. is it just a case of adjusting the spokes or something more serious?

just try tightening all your spokes, or go to a lbs to have them do it, if your not sure how to, it should stop the creaking, and if your pedals have reflectors, those get loose and make a little creak noise.

Those are two things can make ppl think there is something wrong with their hub or something like that, but they are both easy fixes, just tighten the spokes and\or take off relectors =p

it sounds like what my uni did, except i was having squeaky crank problems. i’ve found the best thing to do is take it to a good lbs and have them look at it. if it’s a minor problem like tightening stuff they usually won’t charge you for it, and if it’s a major problem they can at least tell you what to do about it. if you’re going to get into muni or trials or harder riding, don’t spend a lot of money on it because you’ll just keep replacing stuff. i hope it’s not major though. i hate when stuff squeaks. hope you get that fixed

right, i should’ve known it’d be something stupid like that. i don’t have reflectors, so it’ll be tightening them. is it easy to do, or is the right toolage required? i might try and tune them to my piano while i’m at it… ¬_¬

anyway, thanks for putting my mind to rest.