Possible New Contender for Best BCer Video!

Well i was demoing in London at Emrites Stadium as part of Bike Week here in England, along side European Trials Bike Champion Andrei Burton and Tim Wills, and also some flatland BMXers the bmxers were playing on our crazy bikes, http://www.bigtopmania.co.uk/Crazy_Bikes.html
and wow was he a quick learner, he is amazing on the flatland BMXing but he also put some of our bikes through their paces,
the attempts on the vid were his only attempts the first one was his first and the second one was his second attempt and he nearly managed a pirroute, AWESOME!!!

also look out for a london video that i’ll be releasing later this week all being well



eh, he’s been bc wheeling for a while, just with an annoying lever arm that he has to spin around…and handlebars…

still very impressive though ay

What are those skateboards with the front of a bike attached?

They look funny.


I should make one. :smiley: :smiley:

yeah that rider is Lee Musselwhite. Inertia founder.

pretty damn good at flat. Loads of flatland BMXers pick up BC wheeling ridiculously quickly though, as it is similar to their front peg riding.

no its not, he is a rider for inertia but thats not Lee, this guy im not sure on his name but hes not lee because this guy lives in kingston area and lee lives in torquay but yeh there all very impressive

oh ok, my bad. Looks a lot like Lee…

Kingston is close to me, could be one of the Style43 riders. hmm… I might know someone who might know him. Interesting.

thats incredible!

not really, see above post…