Position avaiable in the 24 hour race May 17-18

Hey everyone, a spot has opened up in the 24 hour Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous MTB relay. This is in Mansfield Ontario (about an hour from TO)

It’s on the May Long weekend.

The cost is $150, but that includes a cabin, and being very well fed.

This is gonna be a blast!

The first people that come to mind (who expressed interest before) are U-Turn, Checkernutz, and someone from Ottawa that I can’t remember his name…he was at TOque

Let me know



to quote cartman from southpark “your bustin my balls here” I really would like to go but I would be racing on a 20" so I dont think its going to happen this year. I also dont own a light and I’m a student so I dont have the bank roll to go buy them right now.

I’ll be there next year though