portable mounting assistance

I haven’t been riding at all for the longest time. Last year I hyperextended my knee while freemounting and it totally screwed my ability to freemount. Or let me admit it, it totally screwed with my psyche and now I don’t freemount. I live in the country with nothing to hold onto except for my car in the driveway (or wherever I decide to park it.) The bad thing about living in the country and having to use your car to mount is that you have to walk back to your car to get back on the uni. I could drive 15 minutes into town, where there are parking lots and light poles, etc., but that was just enough of a deterrant to make me not go. I am easily deterred.

So today I was thinking I should at least go uni in the driveway like the lame ass that I am, when I had a thought: is there anything in my house I could use for portable mounting assistance? What I first thought was something that I wouldn’t have to drive somewhere (aka car) to be able to mount. But then I thought is there something I could also bring with me once mounted, so I wouldn’t have to continually walk the uni back to the mounting device?

I have a lightweight aluminum cane I used 10 years ago while suffering from an injury. I wondered if I could really mount with it, but I was able to; the rubber tip was just stable enough to get me over the hump, and once I got riding, I held it in my hand with no trouble. Wherever I ended up, I could use it again to get on the unicycle. It weighs only a few ounces and I think cost me about $10.

So if there is anyone who can use this advice, it works, and now I think I’ll finally get back into this. You gotta know you’re old when you’re using a cane to unicyle!

I’ve sometimes imagined using a telescoping pointer somewhat like lecturers used in the days before laser pointers, (but wondered if such a thing would be strong enough for this purpose).

I’d like to have the cane option, but don’t think I’d like having a three-foot stick to manage during the rest of the journey. If I continue to struggle with coker freemounting, (it’s been six months so far and the goal remains elusive), I may have to consider this cane idea. (yeah, I guess I’m old too):slight_smile:

One early muni pioneer, Geoff Farraghan (who made the exquisite Telford muni frames–can you tell I own one?), used a ski pole for mounting when he first learned to ride.

My kids, when they were still unstable at freemounting, would just find a rock (or curb, or root, or anything similar) that they could use to block the wheel from rolling back. That generally stabilized the wheel well enough for them to be able to mount.

happened to me also .
nonetheless it is also a challenge to go back to freemounting after an accident.
I started again with smaller wheels and tried both to “visualize” what I should do … then forget about it, relax and try it. It took a long time but I succeeded (except on the Coker… but I am not spending enough time for it)
the really big problem is to eliminate psychic tensions: a car passing by, a nearby ravine, a very narrow path and I miss! but I progress: someone looking at me is no longer a problem (quite the contrary now: my best mounts are when I concentrate because someone is looking at me!)

1) I did that too but trying my little cousins 12" then moving onto a 20" then 24" and so forth until i got to my 40".
2) Would you say it kinda tests your fears and boundaries of places though when riding your unicycle??
3) You trying to show them your unique gift of freemounting a 1 wheel object. :wink:
Regardless, keep up the good work.

Hooray that you’re getting back on the uni!

Congrats on finding a way! Stick with it, Paula!

If it helps a bit I am 5’ 7" and weigh over 225 lbs. However I managed to mount a nimbus 36" 1 out of 5 times by using something of a semi-static mount. I will try to explain:

  1. Set the right pedal at the 5:00 o’clock position.
  2. I grab the uncicle seat by the handle and extend my arm all the way down. (Note: the arm is fully extended and the seat is between my legs)
  3. I push the unicycle until the pedal reaches the 9:00 o’clock position and jump on the pedal with my right foot and continue over the seat and grab the left pedal and start riding.

Hope this helps!

I still like the extendable-ski-poles-taped-to-the-arms technique. Shoulda kept it handy.

Finding ways to get past the obstacles is what life on this planet is all about. Congratulations on being such a successful Earthling!!! :slight_smile:

When I was learning, I didn’t have or think of a cane, but that’s a great idea. I had and thought of crutches, and I used those to help me get stable after mounting, and also to stop and re-establish balance when I was doing my first short rides. They also came in handy for practicing the Idle. Can’t say I’ve learned that one yet, as I still can’t sustain it on a 36".

Rock on Earthling Digigal1.

Our local Aldi store (budget supermarket with weekly “specials”, mostly from E Europe) has folding walking sticks this week which looked like what you need. They collapse into something about 30 cm long so could be stuffed into a pack once you’re riding.