Popping Pedals

Hey all, this may have been answered before, but I couldn’t find it…
I just got a Nimbus 24" Muni, and I’ve noticed that after hard riding (lots of torque on hills, or bunny-hopping a lot) the pedals start popping, badly enough that I can feel the pop with my feet. I checked the pedal’s tightness, but they seem tight, and I can’t usually get them either tighter.

Thanks all!

That is exactly what happens to my Nimbus 24" Muni. Mine pops at the same place each time.

Are your cranks tight?

There’s more to tighten (and clean) than just the connection between pedal and crank. If you can, open up the pedals and clean out and re-grease the bearings, etc, then tighten it back up and put the pedal back on. It may be worth taking them to a bike shop and getting them to do it as they’ll know how tight to tighten the insides.


Cranky :wink:

Cranks should be tight, unicycle.com put 'em on for shipping… I’ve only had it a week, but it didn’t seem to do it today…

I have the same problem on one of my Nimbus 26". I tightened up the pedals and the cranks today, I hope the “pop” is gone tomorrow…
I get the “pop” on my right pedaly only, about when I go through 2:00
I have an older Nimbus 26" and a new 24" (three kids!) that have not shown any popping yet. Is it because I am trying to learn to hop?
Do you do many drops or much hopping?

Popping in San Diego :frowning:

Loosen your pedals and then re-tighten them. I have this problem sometimes after putting intense up and downhill pressure on the pedals, and this seems to fix it.

That’s kind of spookey. My right pedal pops at exactly 2:00 to. I hope there isn’t some kind of defect in all the latest ones. I couldn’t get my dad to be able to fix it becasue he really needs to ride the uni to know the problem. (and he can’t ride). I find the problem comes on and off.


It happens a lot when I’ve been hopping a lot… I was practising left foot forward hopping a lot this week, and my (competent) left foot forward hop. Lotsa poppage after that. Yesterday I actually hit trails, with little or no poppage that I recall.

Well, I tried tightening the pedals, but still got popping. Since I am riding with my three sons and we have two Nimbus 26" Munis, I swapped right pedals, hoping to find out if it was the crank/hub or pedal…

Neither Unicycle now pops… (Although my son was riding the one with the formerly popping pedal, I only tried it briefly)

Go figure.

Actually, thinking about it, Andrew may be on to something with his advice to take the pedal apart and re-pack with grease, perhaps the bearing is just a little loose?

That would make sense with two of us getting popping at 2:00, that is about the point when one begins to put significant pressure on the pedal, and maybe we are just “tweaking” the loose bearing?

Any advice would be appreciated!