Pølse 2 [Aleksander Jensen & Stian Remme]

The sequel to Pølse! featuring Aleksander Jensen and Stian Remme. We did put a lot of effort in filming and editing this video so please comment and “like”.

Really nice video! Riding, edting was really good.

Very nice Vid!

I like the riding from both and the editing from you, Spinning Jensen ;D

Thanks, Man.

Thanks, Brother from another mother.

Nice video, guys. I liked Stian’s combos. He’s got some awesome style.

eery nice video
very clean style on the longer combo’s :slight_smile:

Stian, you could sejflips (seventhflip) SO DANG easily. I know it. You have such control.

Plus, your my favorite rider to watch :slight_smile:

Bros, that was awesome! I loved it, everything about it. Keep up the awesome work :slight_smile:

I really liked som of Aleks riding. His 720 was very clean.

the riding was insane!!
BUT… you guys just have to go big!! :stuck_out_tongue:
after a while it becomes a bit boring to watch…
learn to do handrails, and doing tricks from sets,rails,… :roll_eyes:

you’re riding is so good, but you don’t use it well xD


Ill keep that in mind. Ill try to do it in my next video and then you can tell me if it is better :slight_smile:

Now also on YouTube!

The video is now also availabe on YouTube for those of you who want that:


Nice likte lyden bedre på youtube! xD

Hvis du mente at det ikke er lyd der, så er det det nå.

real nice guys :slight_smile: enjoyed watching very much