Plugs instead of rim tape?

Anyone ever seen/tried Veloplugs?

When I went to put the tire back on my 36er after putting in a 29" tube, I realized how awful the rim tape that came on it was. It shifted around, and the adhesive goo it left on the rim stuck to my tire, making it nearly impossible to mount correctly. I went in yesterday to get a different rim tape (the one on the rim is a lightweight, silky type). The only kind they had (and indeed the only kind any of the nearby bike shops stock) is Velox, which is kind of thick and fabric-y. He also suggested Veloplugs, which seem to me to be ingenious. They’re a little to small to fit the holes in my airfoil, but I’m going to get a set anyways and try and make them fit.

wow we can even save on rimtape now LOL

ahaha i guess its a fair enough idea. Wont work on a trials rim though :stuck_out_tongue:

Why won’t they work on a trials rim?


well they wont wor kon a drilled out trials rim. sure they’ll cover the spoke holes fine, but when it comes to the drilled out holes it might well shit itself.

Not all trials rims are drilled though. :wink:

ehehe i meant drilled ones. But also the weight saving would me much less intersting if any on a trials rim cause there nipples are much closer to each other. But i think this is made for 26/29" or bigger wheels

You might consider the tape I recomended in a previous thread: Rim Tape

Thanks, Scott! sheepish grin I guess I should’ve searched. That tape sounds like just the ticket.

No one has tried the veloplugs, though?

They just save weight… rimtape is just there so the nipples don’t puncture the tube. The plugs are going to do the exact same job.

Well, the plugs may help with more than just that. A thinner, slippier rimstrip will make mounting the tire easier.

But yes, the one essential purpose is to cover the holes/spoke heads in the rim, and any strip/tape/plugs will do that, though some better than others.

This rapes rim strips then.

They won’t move.