Please Help Me!!!

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to take this apart. i am taking it apart because the cranks are not lined up and the problem is with the bent axle. it is only bent slightly but it makes it unrideable.

also i would like to know if i should just get a new unicycle or if it is just cheaper to buy a new axle.

i hope the pictures help :thinking:

here aresome pics with the cranks on but not tightened up. they are way off. did i bend the axle or is there a way to fix this with out spending any money

i would get a new unicycle.

the only solution i see, is take it to a bikeshop, or a bike fixing shop, theyll do it for you withan expirienced result, if you do it, itperhaos wontbe so reliable


well…judging by the tire and chrome frame, im only taking a huge wack at this from left field…are you the badass kid that rides portland skatepark?

small world maybe?

Not worth fixing. Consider that you’ve graduated to a better uni.

I am guessing that the unicycle has the same spacing as the old Suzue hubs, a little skinnier than todays standard “wide” hubs and it is getting a bit harder to find a direct replacement.

You need to pull the bearing holders off the frame then pull the bearing holders off the bearings.

There is no practical way of just replacing the axle so you will need to get a whole new hub.

De-tension the wheel the take it apart, re-build around another hub. If you can’t find one that is the same the UDC cotterless hubs are strong but the bearing spacing will be a bit wider and the flanges lower than your current hub so the spokes may not work with the new hub and you will have to bend the frame out a bit to get the re-built wheel to fit.

It is up to you wether it is worth going through the effort and expense of re-building the wheel around a new hub. Personally I would use this as an opportunity to upgrade to a more modern unicycle, possibly with a much stronger splined axel. Of course save all the pieces that aren’t broken. Your old frame might make a good handlebar some day. :slight_smile:

Get another uni.

You wont be able to reposition the cranks to exactly pi radians out, because there are only four positions, pi/2 radians difference, that a square tapered axle offers and your cranks are not a multiple of pi/2 radians out.

You will have to replace the whole hub, you can’t get another axle unless you want to do some welding.

I’m with everyone else here; you’re better off upgrading to a better uni. I don’t know how experienced you are or what your attachment is with that particular uni, but I learned on a similar model and it wasn’t fun. You’d notice a HUGE difference if you got a Club or even a Sun uni. Whatever you decide, do it right and get something better…guaranteed it’ll last you a near lifetime.