Please help me choose a unicycle Christmas present

Between my 2 sons we have 7 unicycles in the garage. My 15yo son has a unicycle passion. He owns 5 unicycles that he has found at thrift stores and on classified ads, and he’s always looking for more. He steals the show in parades by unicycling and juggling. He’s my shy kid, and unicycling has helped bring him out of his shell because he loves to try to teach other kids. He has varying sizes from a 16" that he tries to teach his little cousins to ride, up to a giraffe, and a 29" that he and his brother pieced together from ones they bought used for riding on trails. He rides his 24" Torker the most, but the cranks are wobbly. I’m looking into surprising him with a brand new one, but I’m pretty clueless about unicycles. I don’t want to buy one that is so cheap and lousy that it is actually a downgrade, but can’t spend several hundred either. He’s about 6’ tall now and likely to grow another 2-3’. What would you recommend?

I’d possibly give him money and let him decide. He seems to like looking for a bargain secondhand uni!!
Other than that, a uni with an ISIS hub is what I’d get him. No cotterless cranks etc.
Or if he wants to ride distance, I’d get him a handlebar.
Finally, seats/saddles can be uncomfortable. Credit to could help him get the saddle he wants.


“He rides his 24” Torker the most, but the cranks are wobbly."
The cranks can be shimmed with some aluminium can material. No more wobbling of cranks. :slight_smile:

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Perhaps just a high quality part to upgrade what he has. Some sweet pedals, a handle, a tire, or some combo. Maybe a brake. Maybe a new CamelBak. A new helmet or safety gear.


At least a 29er but at his hight a 36er would be something surly he would love and something different from what he has. The problem may be price if buying new as they can get quite expensive. If price is an issue look at the 32 inch and 36 udc titans at unicycle .com. they are not top of the line but are sturdy and durable for road riding and bike paths. Check and

Both sizes are in stock at


Great suggestions from everyone but depending on his preferences he may be looking at a certain brand or another.

It might be worth getting him a card saying we’re getting you a unicycle up to X dollars/euro/local currency and then let him decide. Though I find my Mad4One and unicycles ride fairly similar there’s enough difference in the visual aspects he may be leaning towards one or another. Maybe it’s a conversation with him Christmas morning? He may also just want some need parts to upgrade existing unis.

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This line I can certainly appreciate and relate to, but it also limits buying a unicycle outright, which is why it may be best to just buy a high quality supplement (rad new helmet, nice wrench set, sweet pedals, etc.). Just my thoughts.

Also, what young person wants a gift card or conversation on Christmas morning? And, just to put it out there - we are getting awfully close for delivery dates, particularly for specialty-ish items.

I’d get the following and make a mix:

Those three items I’ve personally ordered, and think are awesome.

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As far as unicycles… you said it, “I’m clueless about unicycles”.
Give him some form of currency towards his choice of unicycle or gear.
He knows what he wants and you don’t.

Anybody want their mama buying their next unicycle or clothing? (let alone a 15 yr old)

I bet you’ll be the star on christmas morning when he learns what you’ve done to find his perfect gift! (including becoming a part of our unicycle community)

Has he asked you to try unicycling?
Maybe this christmas morning might be the one where you succumb to his constant drive to get you to try unicycling!

Merry Christmas!!!


HaHa, thinking of this made me laugh! :+1: