Please donate to RSU

I’ve seen threads like this one lately but I haven’t seen one about helping out RSU by donating in quite a while. Please donate to RSU to support Gilby for providing these excellent forums for us. The donate button is in the upper right hand corner of each page. Please occasionally respond to this thread for a while, whether you donate or not, just to keep it alive for a few days. Gilby never stickies threads like these. He’s not one to blow his own horn.

Thanks, Gilby.

Thanks for the reminder on the donate button…

…it was so easy to hit it and Paypal a few bucks to help out.


it was easy!

Donated. Thank you Gilby for providing this site. I don’t think unicycling would be the same without this site.

Very easy, thanks for reminding, didnt see it yet (or maybe forgot it)

Big thanks to Gilby!

Thanks Gilby :smiley:

This site and its members have made learning to unicycle much easier and certainly lots of fun.

Yup easy, Thanks!!

Support a place filled with the nicest, coolest people, along with super out-of -this-world humanoids? A place where i got started in losing and keeping weight off, of lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, stress, back, neck, knee pains, regained youthful 6pak abs, ridded of right eyelid muscle twitch, left foot toe tingle, superman libido(the reason wifie never told me to stop) and founded the secretive fishing hole?
Of Course!!

Thanks Gilby! This site is one of the main reasons I got back into unicycling after a 20+ year hiatus.

Done, thanks Gilby.

Thanks Gilby!

Thanks for the reminder Harper, and thanks for the site Gilby, and thanks to all you lot who make up the community.

I do donate when I remember, but it’s good to see that there’s a recurring option now, which I don’t remember from last time, and won’t have to again, since I chose it.

Done. Thanks Gilby! :sunglasses:

I gave $1 per unicycle owned

I gave $1 per unicycle – for me, $13.

That’s pretty loosely defined…
36" Nightrider Pro
27.5" Surly Conundrum
27.5" Schlumpf (with a spare 29" KH frame)
26" Surly Conundrum fat tire
26" Nimbus
24" Surly Conundrum
24" Surly Conundrum (unbuilt frame)
24" Nimbus
24" Schwinn
24" Ultimate Wheel
20" Nimbus
20" Nimbus
20" Nimbus Giraffe
20" Schwinn Giraffe
20" Torker

Oops. I’m $2 short. No wonder my wife’s always wondering why I have so many.