Play Project Uni with ME!!!

First thread to encourage multiplayer Project Uni.

Join me on the server.

yur dumb.
use the search option…

fine you win…not the first…but still come and play.

you cant do a server like that…its a litle bit more complicated.
i just checked and ther arent any servers open.

ahhh man that would explain it…its okay im wicked bad at the trails…i just ride around and climp up shit… the worlds are huge!!1

try to find the end…hehe
then post a screen shot.

Multiplayer definitely works, we’ve played with plenty of people. Dave and I usually test new features and maps in multiplayer. You just need to know how to set up your router like you would with any other multiplayer game.

If you enable DMZ in your router you should be able to host fine.

That would be amazing, if it worked on macs.


can you explain how to do that???

I could but so can google. I think it would be beneficial for you to learn. Its different for all routers so I couldn’t tell you exactly. You just need to figure out how to enable DMZ on your router model. You would want to disable DMZ after playing though because it makes your computer slightly less secure while its on.

so its not a hardware type deal, a software setting???

Correct, usually you can get to the settings page by putting into your browser. This conversation should be in JC not Rec.

should this be my ip?

No, it should be the router’s IP on your local network some venders have it at

man i cant seem to get it. it keeps saying page doesnt exist.

Look in your router’s manual or on the internet for your router’s manual. It will tell you there. Either figure it out there or send me PMs instead of flooding this thread.

Set your computer up to a Static IP connection. Make sure the IP you set is withing the DCHP addresses your router is putting out. So if you have, put your IP address somewhere between that.

And lik Brian said, go to your routers configuration page. I had a Belkin router that used, and now I have a Linksys router that uses You can go to the companies site to find it.

Now in your routers configuration, find the section for your port setup. Its usually under a gaming options or something. Type in your static ip, enable both tcp and udp, then type in 28000 for the port.

That should all work.

Or go to and they have guides for all routers and games, and you can post in their forums for help.

If you do that, use the instructions they have for Tribes 2, its built off of the same engine and I’m pretty sure uses all the same ports.