Play online unicycle games!

I found a collection of unicycle games, here are the links-

projectUNI- the first serious 3D unicycle game with 2 courses, trials and mountain course. You can bunnyhop of objects like barrels, rocks and mountains. You can edit a track but its hard and you can do crankflips and stuff. This is the best unicycling game. You have to download this but but its worth it (about 50 megabites)

unicycle ballancer- A 2D game where you have to ballance on a unicycle without falling off for aslong as you can, you can also bunnyhop over juggling balls which are hazards as you get through the level more. If you go on google and search "download unicycle ballancer you can dowload it too if you want or you can just play online.

clowning around- Balance the most clowns on your unicycle and stack them up to the Big Top

EXTREME UNYXYKLYR- A game with a stick figure on a uni and theres alsorts of things to do i think

I found one more game a year or 2 ago but i dont remember the name so yer… Its like you have to red forwards 2d and your a clown i think and you have to jump over stuff.

Have fun!

Thanks for mentioning ProjectUNI, just so everyone knows - its far from completion so whats available now is mainly just a test release and nothing is really finished or set in stone. It can still be really fun though.

Or if you wanted to make your own track. You could use this program and create it. :smiley:

Freerider 2

Also ProjectUNI is going to be awesome when done. Keep up the good work too also Brian O. :smiley:

is projectUNI free?


Could someone make a tutorial how to download ProjectUNI? Like I have tried its so hard.

:stuck_out_tongue: The 2nd stage beginning of aero the acrobat has a unicycle in it. :stuck_out_tongue:

go to click “ProjectUNI Download” then click mirror 2. Then you will be at megaupload and you just enter in the 3 character string and click download then they give you a “Free Download” button after 30 seconds or so. It shouldn’t be too hard…

Emile, what happens when you try to open it?

The urge to buy more shoes takes over?

I can’t seem to get the game to download either. Plus, what is the 3 character string for when I get to needing to put it in?
Megaupload seems hard to navigate and just looks like it’s trying to sell me porn!

OK than. I think I miay have figured it. We will soon see though. It does seem like quite a complicated method of downloading a game.

Right then, I got it to download (which took ages!) and all seemed well apart from when you try to use it there is a warning sign the same as Emile was getting. Then it just closes and you can’t use it.
Does anyone know how to get round this?

What version of windows are you running? How much ram do you have? Which video card? These are questions which will help me figure it out.

Sorry about the trouble with downloading. We would much prefer to have an easier more straightforward way to download (I hate megaupload for reasons stated already) but hosting isn’t free and we cant find anywhere for us to upload it so people can download it hassle free.

WOW! I dont understand!:o