Platypus bladders?

Hey, does anyone have experience using the Platypus hydration packs?

The bladder, when compared to the camelbacl bladder, looks pretty damn brittle and cheap.

Anyone using this? Is there any problems with tears by ‘unzipping’ the bag the wrong way?


I’ve had a Platapus hydration system for the last 5 years and all I can say is good things about it. Ive never had a problem with Mold or nasty tastes and Never any leaks. The bags are made from that clear plastic stuff and i thought it would be rather brital too. But It never has been an issue so I really forgot all about it. The only thing that I like about my camelback more than the platapus is the large opening to fill it up. Of course at the time no one was offering that feature. The blatter was alot cheaper as well. I got mine for arround $10us while the camelback costs much more.

I have heard of people getting leaks before with their platapus packs but I just used mine with my Backpacking pack so it basically stayed put and didnt take alot of abuse.


I’ve had the Platypus Thunderhead pack with the 100oz/3L bladder for a year with no problems or leaks. Its taken a couple hits from UPD roll outs but no real abuse.

I’ve used only water, no sports drinks or mixes, and have had no taste issues.

Since the entire top opens I find it plenty big for dumping in ice. Good bite valve too.

I use a Platypus bladder in the hydration pack I got at MEC in Canada about two and a half years ago. The bladder that came with the pack lasted about a year and a half before it got to gross to use, and had lots of creases that looked like they might leak. I got a replacement from REI, which I think was defective because it started leaking in about 6 months. I got them to exchange it. REI is really good about things like that.

I’ve got the one with the huge zipper on top, and I’ve never had any problems with it. I’ve landed hard on my pack lots of times, and its never burst. The zipper is annoying as the pack ages, though. It gets harder and harder to close.

Anyway, I think the Platypus bladder is good, but I think the material CamelBak uses in its bladders may last longer. I’m going to try to get a CamelBak bladder that fits my pack when the Platypus one wears out. I’ll probably keep the Platypus mouth piece though, I like it a lot better.


thanks guys

Re: Platypus bladders?

When I saw the subject line, I figured it was something the Australians were
up to, such as making saddle covers from of the bladders of platypuses.

Mark Newbold
Shelburne, Vermont USA