Platform bike rack (on hitch mount) and unicycle

Hi everybody,

I know there was in the past a discussion about trunk/boot storage and motorcycle and bicycle carrying a uni. However, I do not remember seeing discussed any b*ike carrier used for unicycles. As I am partial to the platform ones behind the car, that is where my question will be.

In the past, I discovered the joys of platform racks through Küat:

The design with a ratcheting arm to clamp down one of the wheels worked wonders and I could put the uni in there and it was rock solid.

Then life happened and now I want to get a platform rack again, Küat is no sold around here and the platform racks I find use a different design:

There is a ratcheting strap in the rail but the central clamps are supposed to grab the frame to prevent the motions the two straps cannot prevent.

My questions are: does anyone have tried to carry a uni on this type of design (brand is irrelevant)? Can the ratcheting strap be sufficient to keep a uni in place? Or was the stabilizing arm useful in any way to keep the uni stable? Or is this type of design only good for b*kes no matter how creative you try to be?

Thanks in advance for any feedback on this and if you had success with other b*ke carrier designs that worked well for uni too, here is the place to share :wink:

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I have a 1up and tried both my 36 and my 29 but could not find a way that I’m comfortable with to secure a uni.

Thanks @haskinsc for the feedback. 1up seem to use yet another system for the wheel (the rectangle clamping) but good to know that this specific design is not working well with unis.

I got a friend on the phone and he told me that his riding buddy has a Thule rack so he will try next time they ride to put a uni on it and let me know how it goes…

I have the Kuat. I secure my 36r with three tie down straps. It works perfectly! This summer we drove about 4,000 miles without any issues. I included a picture. However in this picture it only shows two of the three straps. I use one more strap at the bottom of the wheel. I probably could get away with just one strap (the strap the connects the rachet arm to the pedal). The only issue I have is that the wheel sticks out a little too far past the width of the car.20200527_153015|375x500

I have a Thule 3 bike carrier, which is pretty similar in design but with 3 trays (actually I added a fourth) and it works great for unicycles. If you just want to transport a few unicycles it is very easy, quick and stable (if you have lots of bikes and unis you have to get creative how to route the arms around/through frames and tires). As most of the bike carriers in the last 5+ years are now designed to handle fat 3" tires of mountain bikes, the strap fits even my 29"x3.25" tire with ease. And the arms with the clamps can be used to support the tire (I clamp it around my 36" tire or my 29x3.25 tire), the seatpost, frame legs or even cranks. My standard use is: unicycle horizontal with strap around tire to side of the tray, one arm to the upper part of the tire and the saddle to the other strap then either around the post or through the seat handle if it has a hole. Mounting the uni vertical or slanted, you can easily transport 2 unis per tray (i.e. two unis where one bicycle goes). As the arms can be attached lots of places, it’s pretty flexible. As I often have multiple bikes and unicycles I have acquired extra arms and so can attach multiple supports per unicycle, which is even better. My 36" also fits nice and secure no problem.

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