Plastic Pedals: Animal, Odyssey PC, Fly Bike

The pedals are all 90% fresh except for the Animals which have some pin wear from being used on a low clearance bike; in terms of bearings the Animals are still quite fresh.

The pedals retail for $15-20, shipping in the USA will run ~$5/set.

I’d prefer to sell them all to one person, that would save on shipping, so here’s the deal:

$5 for the Animals, $7.50 set for the other pedals, plus shipping per set

OR $20 plus shipping for all four! The Fly Bikes were a special order, not too common in NA.

Left: Fly Bike Graphite Puple
Right: Odyssey PC Clear
Top: Animal Purple
Bottom: Odyssey PC Orange “Glow in the dark”

How much shipping for all four of them. You can never have to many pedals. I think i’d take them all off your hands for the $20 +shipping.

Hey Ben, let me know if this falls through, i would take all four pairs and pay shipping to Canada. I NEEED some pedals.