planning a century ride in north west NJ

anyone interest in a century ride through warren county NJ please respond here we will be leaving from hackettstown riding to blairstown down through hope to phillipsburg up to washington and back to hackettstown any riders interested from the area or in that area in about 2 weeks please respond or pm me and i will get you more details as of now there is a definitive 2 of us and we are tryign to recruit 2 of our friends and we are looking for a larger group
we are hoping to finish in the 10 hour mark please ask all the questions you can think of this is afterall the first trip i have planned

Good luck with this! I’m from Madison, originally, and once did a bike tour up along the Delaware from Philadelphia up into New York and eventually back down to Montclair.

I might suggest a change to your route; if you move it a bit to the north, you can hook up with 606 and ride through the Delaware Water Gap. 606 is a beautiful road through the woods along the river, and it had almost no traffic when I was on it. You could cross into Pennsylvania and take River Road south, then come back into Jersey in Belvidere.

In any case, enjoy it! There’s some beautiful country around there.

i may ty that the current route is tenitive

You should join us a few weeks later in the NYC Century ride, getting to be a nice big group of Unis for it.

the issue is getting there some of the people doing my ride will be back in class quite a distance away others don’t drive and there is no local train on weekends to get to the city.

If transportation is the only reason not to join us for the NYC Century let us know, someone might be able to help with that.


Yeah how far are you from the city? i would be coming up from south jersey, so we might be able to arrange something

we are exit 19 off of route 80 or you can easily get onto 31 and go 31 to 57 to hackettstown