"Planet UNI )--/============O "

Tammy wrote:

>Hello everyone!
>This weekend, my sister and I went to our first unicycling and juggling
>festival in St. Paul, Minn., MONDO, which was totally amazing!!!
>Not only did we get to hang out with all the cool people in the Twin City
>Unicycle Club,

Hello Tammy,

Sounds like you’ve been transported from earth to “Planet Uni.” I could feel
your enthusiasm through the screen.

This is the way I felt when going to my first UNICON in Canada in 1992. All the
stars that I’d only seen while lying on my back in a field were there, (ex: John
Foss, Jose Ramon, “Kato-San,” Connie Cotter, Brett Bernard, etc) in the flesh,

This experience really pushed me over the top to “Push my own limits” on one
wheel. But more importantly, after UNICON, I became a “convert” whose sole (well
almost) mission was to spread the word about “Planet UNI” and its disciples. I
set up training courses here in HK, and finally landed back on “Planet Uni” in
1998 with 7 passengers / uni students from HK.

These boys (The Cheung Chau Eagles) were similarly impressed with the surreal
happenings and bright stars on “Planet Uni” (UNICON IX), and immediately set
about to immitate and hopefully improve upon what they had seen : 1) Sem
Abrahams riding upside down with his hands, 2) Julienne Monney coasting for 2
miles, 3) A Japanese “Spinning Top” rider spinning for 10 minutes without a
breath, and other impossible feats.

Now back in HK, the boys practice every day on Cheung Chau Island in preparation
for the next voyage to your planet. And I maintain my enthisiasm, and continue
to spread it wherever and whenever I can. In fact, I’ve got so many unicycles in
my small HK apartment at the moment that I’m actually sleeping with a shiny new
Miyata!!! (Two unis stored on my bed)

I hope that you’ll come back and visit “Planet Uni” at another national or
international convention soon, and that you’ll bring some of your own “converts”
along too!!

Best wishes from “Planet Uni,”

S.G. Dressler - The Unicycling Society of Hong Kong

                                                    T/    "Tah Tan
                                                          Gah!!!!!!!!" /S