Plan to ride in Utah

I’m trying to swing a trip to Salt Lake/Bountiful area between June 17-June 20. Then down to Moab for a few days. Any of you Utah’ns available for some rides? I’ll bring my 24, 26, 29, and 36.

Anyone want to chime in about some good rides in the area? I don’t do super technical (scary) stuff, though I don’t mind walking short stretches of technical sections.

Moab in June, that’s a pretty hot time to ride. Get out early, then go swimming.

High mountains around SLC have a lot of snow, so you’ll have trouble with some access, but down low around town it sounds like they’re riding.

Last year we rode late June on some middle elevation trails around Logan and hit snow around 9,000 feet.

We’ll be in CO the first two weeks in June, not sure where we’ll ride, probably Frint Range of maybe head South to Durango.

My daughter is starting at U of U in SLC next Fall, so we’ll be out there often, probably move there in a few years :slight_smile:

Where do you ride around San Jose?

I was raised out there, went to school at West Valley Community College, later moved to Truckee and went to school at UNR. You like it out there with all those people?

If you’re in Moab, you have to ride the Slickrock Trail. It’s one of the best places for riders of any level to play, doing whichever bits they’re comfortable with. The Sovereign trail system north of town (desert singletrack) is also pretty well set up for non-hardcore riders.

Arches and Canyonlands both have some great roads for 36er riding, and you’ll want to go there anyway, right?

The last time I was in Moab I was on crutches from a mountain bike injury I had gotten a couple of days before leaving for Utah :angry: .

I did Slickrock in 1995 on a mountain bike. That will be the first place I go when I get to Moab. I’ll check out the Sovereign trail system. Sounds like it would be good for the 29. The 36 will be nice in the evening for some good road rides. I wish I could spend an extra week there.

I have to plug the Moab rim trail, too. The first portion is mostly walking for most riders (long uphill), but The massive sand hill in the middle is a ton of fun and riding down the big slickrock slab at the end is wonderful.

Every summer I visit Utah because I grew up in Ogden and still have family there. I fly in on the 14th, but the only uni I have in utah is a trials. Living on a tropical island, I have not had the chance to Muni, so I have no clue what my abilities are. I would love to ride in the Wasatch front area if someone would loan me a Muni.

I’ll be around and I’d be interested in a ride. UPD in Utah and Not so Young One - are you guys interested in another SLUGG muni ride?

Which trails do you ride? I looked up mountain biking in the SLC area and there are a lot. Maybe you can also recommend a good road ride.

Porcupine Rim is one of the best. Intermediate to advanced. :slight_smile:

Many more can be found here.

I looked up the Porcupine Rim Trail. It looks fun and I could hop off and walk the bigger drops and other technical stuff that’s too much for me. I will be riding solo and don’t want to do riding beyond my comfort zone for fear of injury and isolation. Does this make me a wuss? I think the Sovereign trail looks fairly easy. I will probably do that and Slickrock. I like the painted rock guides since I am not the greatest navigator.

I wouldn’t solo Porcupine Rim in June. It’s a big commitment of a ride (at least 14 miles), with no bailouts, and it’s in the desert. That said, it’s spectacular, so if you can find someone to ride with, it’s worth doing. There are some super-technical sections, but also long sections of relatively easy riding.

Greetings from UPD in Utah!

Hey mbalmer,

I’ve been off the forums for a while, and just saw your post. I’m not 100% certain of my plans for the weekend of June 18 & 19, but I’d be happy to get together and ride in the Salt Lake area on at least Friday & Monday mornings. And even if I’m out of town that weekend, I’ll try to rally the SLUGGs (Salt Lake Uni Gals & Guys) for a group ride.

As for where to ride around Salt Lake: For muni, the “Bonneville Shoreline Trail” above the University of Utah and “Avenues” neighborhood is nice. So is the “Pipeline Trail” up Millcreek Canyon. Both of these are relatively straight-forward with almost no technical bits. I understand that there are also some nice trails in the Foothills above Bountiful, but I have yet to ride there. For 36er cruising, I like to ride the Jordan River Trail that runs North/South through the middle of the valley. It’s easy and fun to do an out-and-back 20-miler there; it’s flat and well paved.

I’ll send you my mobile number by PM so we can firm up plans for local rides.

As for other places to ride in the State, Moab is definitely heating up right now, but if you’re willing to get up eaaaarrrly, it’s cool enough in the morning (plus the whole State has been experiencing cooler than normal temps). Higher elevations are STILL covered in snow, so that will limit you some, but there are tons of nice trails in the Park City that are opening up. AND, if you take I-15 up from St. George to SLC, you should go check out the trails at Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Looking forward to meeting you… and talk to you soon.


UPD in Utah

(a.k.a. Bert)

Thanks a.k.a. Bert. I’ll keep you informed. I forgot that it’s Father’s Day that sunday. If I can get over the guilt, I’ll be there.

My hometown is Ogden, so I used to mountain bike in the area. There is a trail above bountiful that was always a favorite. It leads up to an overlook of salt lake city, and is pretty cool.

I also know of a bunch of trails above weber state university that are a lot or fun because you can see over all of Ogden. Those trails are most likely to be dry, because they are parallel with the western side of the mountain. They have a lot of up and down.

Next time?


I’m guessing that since we haven’t heard from you that you’ve cancelled or postponed your plans to visit Utah this weekend. Let us know when you next plan on passing through.

Meanwhile, anybody up for a ride on the BST or Pipeline on Sunday morning? Send me a PM with phone number.


UPD in Utah

Wish I was coming. Not only is it Father’s day but my husband has to go in for a medical procedure. It would not be nice of me to abandon him this week :(. I’m going to Oregon in July. Holding out hope for Utah in August (though it will be hot).

Looks like I’m going to have the opportunity for a couple of days in the Moab area in late July. Right now I’m planning to ride Porcupine and Slick Rock, my dream trails! I know it will be hot, but I’ll be fresh off doing a lot of heat training and racing the Badwater Ultramarathon so what heat I find in Moab will probably not compare to what I’d just been through in Death Valley! Not sure of the specific dates but sometime week of July 25th probably… I can’t wait!

Lucky you. Just go early in the morning with the sunrise. In the afternoon you can do a rafting trip down Green River. Moab is awesome. I’ve been going there since I was a baby (back before they had traffic lights). I have a few relatives left there. Have fun. Are you going with anyone?

Well, it looks lke my daughter is going to U of U, yeah!

So, I’ll be in SLC the weekend of August 19, 20, 21 to help her move in and get settled.

Of course she’ll be busy, so I’m planning to bring a muni and ride.

Anyone going to be around for some riding, preferrably back in the wood where it’s cool and shady?

I’ve done some nice riding up above Logan, near the Beaver, wouldn’t mind doing some single track up one of the canyons, little or big cottonwood…


Hey Ben,

I’m still not sure of my plans for those days in August, but there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be around and looking to hit the trails. If I’m here, you can count on me joining you. Send me a PM and I’ll send you my direct contact info.

Speaking of riding with “outtatowners,” I just had the pleasure of riding with KayCeeTheAcey from Maine, who was out West on a field Geology course. We had fun on the Pipeline Trail up Millcreek Canyon. (I’ll post some photos when I get a chance.) Kaycee is an amazing rider. It was great following him and watching him turn the trail into a natural trials / flatland run – hopping onto rocks, then 180-ing off to backwards riding with another 180 to go forward, one-footing, and even coasting – all on trail! “Natty-trials” at its finest. I can only dream of riding at that level some day. (Better starting working on some new tricks.)

Riding with Kaycee inspired me to get up the nerve to ride my KH29 (w/ Maxxis Ardent 29x2.4) on the same trail this morning. Whatta blast! 100% fast, furious, FUN.

At any rate, get in touch, and if I’m around, we’ll hit some of the high country trails in the Wasatch, either on the Salt Lake side or the Park City side, where it’s a lot cooler. Also, I’ve been wanting to do some “lift-served” downhill rides at some of the local areas for a while. Let me know if you might like to give that a try as well.