Is my comp messin up or has the forum gone girly?? I logged in this morning and im seeing pink everywhere…whas goin on???

yeh i hate it why did it have to come to this!

My guess it that it’s April Fools day. I think it’s kinda cool

i have just discovered how to change it what you do is hit the computer with a unicycle multipul times (be carful not to damage your uni though)

why is this in Rec.Sport???

its not just unicyclist look

i was going to ask about the pink but i see someone else already did… yeah it was like… WHOA… creepy… i like the blue much better… i hope it goes back tomorrow…or at least soonish

psst vvvvvv


Ahhh, pink. So soothing. :slight_smile:

Ahh Cool I didntk now how to change that… Allhtough I like hte bloe most, Im more sued to it, the other one is kidna cool, but too confusing…

Wow, so cool, I just switched to pink - very nice.

Pink is the new blue. :smiley:

Darn, I wasn’t online yesterday for the april fools joke…