**Ping Shaun Johanneson Ping* Macht Nada Video?

do you have a date that you expect to release this video to us or are you just gonna spring it on us? i just wanna kno when i shoudl look out for it.


Wouldnt a PM be better for this?

no cuz then not everyone will kno…

Ah, but everyone who wanted to know would have PMed him, wouldn’t we?

If one person PMed him (it’s silly to assume that everyone would PM him at once) and then posted an update, that’d be pertinent to RSU. Otherwise, this just sits here hoping he reads it taking up space.

For the most part, if you have a very specific question for one person only, PM is the way to go. If it’s something you think others will find value from then post in RSU after you have actually received information that’s useful.

If Shaun’s answer is “Sorry, no news”, then that doesn’t give this thread any value.

Good moot point. I think it’ll be a looong time before we see nada macht, that Shaun guy still has to get some skills before he goes round releasing vids!


shaun told me he’d release it in late may… he’s rlly busy with school stuff right now…

thats cool…i kno its gonna be late may but i just wanted to see if he had a set date.

He is fixing to reply.

It will be out on May 18th!

Actually i dont know, just threw out a random number lol, hopefully its soon though.

Wait- I’d rather he take longer and make it better than rush it. :slight_smile:


Yo. Sorry no news. haha. kiddin. Let’s go, may 27th. Now i’ll try my a$$ off for that saturday. Max is right, we’re doing this movie fro creative writing and we’re making it much much bigger than it should be. But whatever (min ten minutes, we’re doing like an hour). I haven’t ridden in awhile since this project, but i have good stuff. When this creative writing film is over, i’ll get a few more clips, (i need plastic pedals first, lol), and post it. It’s really good ( i think lol) but i’m missing a few more bangers. Sorry for the wait. Thanks for posting this thread, lol, gives me a way to release info (which i’ve wanted to) without doing a whole new thread. thanks

p.s. typos, haha, i’m going fast, not a lot of time. sorry

-Shaun Johanneson

see… i told you gusy it was a good idea to start a new thread:D

burn! pete, you sure are a cheeky bugger. good thing that you can ride as well as your talk. can’t wait to ride with you anyhoo

sorry for the T(hread)J(ack) but how do you pronounce Johanneson

lol. Hmm. Joe (name) han (as in hand) a (not eh, lol, long a) son (like damn son. ha.)
Yeah I liked the insult at me. I’ll remember that while filming.

-Shaun Johanneson