Ping/question for aspen mike(others too maybe)

anyhoo, i have a customer at my bike shop in iowa who recently returned from the Ride the Rockies bike ride. he said it was awesome and knowing i’m a unicyclist, he mentioned that someone flew past him in the middle of some 20 mile climb on a coker. my only/best guess was aspen mike. i think he said he got a picture either of the guy or with the guy, but i haven’t seen it yet. i’d like to know if my guess was correct, or what. any info from anyone who might know would be helpful. thanks.

It was aspenmike. Here’s his ride writeup: Ride the Rockies

He mentions passing a lot of bicyclists on the climb. That’s quite a feat considering that anyone who does a ride like that is going to be more than just a casual cyclist.

thanks john. i knew i shoulda searched. crap. i just looked visually over the first two pages of threads and if it was there i missed it.