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We haven’t seen you much around here lately. Are the MUnispotting
T-shirts still on your radar screen?

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

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Aha! Je suis ici!

Once more I am back in the shire of York, having spent the last five weeks in that of Lincoln. Here I am privy to this wonderous gizmo called “high speed internet” which I have sorely missed; not least because here I don’t have to lug a cable half way across the house whenever I want to use the internet…

Since then I have sailed (woo!) [1], got a job for when I leave university (yay!) [2], been asked to unicycle around at the Lincoln Waterfront Festival in July [3], done lots of muni (but precious little trials) [4]…

…and, finally, done something about the munispotting t-shirts!

The graphics are a little smaller than I would like but other than that they seem okay. Cost per t-shirt, £8.95.

People going to BUC this weekend can grab them from me there; anyone else (is it just you, Klaas?) can PM or email me an address and I’ll pop it in the post.


[1] …and capsized, before even starting. Note To Self: Check you’ve rigged the thing right before trying to sail off in it!

[2] …down in Somerset. Probably good muni country… :slight_smile:

[3] …the benefits of being googleable!

[4] …making lots of use of sticking the unicycle(s) on the bike. I did a bit along the river Trent and got chased by cows…

I’ll have one Phil

Re: Aha! Je suis ici!

…Or not. I can’t carry them with the rest of the stuff, sorry… :frowning:


are there any spares phil? or did you just get them for the people that ordered them?