Ping Oregon Riders

Hey oregon unicyclists! I was wondering how many oregonian unicyclists there are on this forum, so please post here!

Please state your city too, my ulterior motive is to try to find some riding buddies during the lunch hour, weekdays in Eugene. (I’m from Sweet Home and work in Eugene)

TOOO tempting…

Isn’t Sweet Home in Alabama?

Couldn’t resist.


I don’t post much, but, I read this forum all the time. In Corvallis (about 20-30 miles from you) we have a unicycle club and lots of riders around. I hope we can ride together some day.

Sorry, I needed to bump this up.

I am quite positive that there are more riders than you and I, muddycycle.

Please post oregon people!


Hi Oregonians,

I live in Salem. I ride Muni on trails & I ride my Coker on the streets of Salem. What town do you live in Oregonguy?
I like to ride my Muni at Fall City on Sundays when ever possible. It’s a great place to ride.


I live in Sweet Home, Oregon.

Come on, I know there are more oregonians than this!

Hi, I live in Cottage Grove just a bit south. There are more Oregon Unicyclists around but we’re an elusive bunch!:slight_smile:


(You can still post here, people from oregon.)

Scott and Jodi Arnold live near Eugene I think. They are in Japan right now.

You are really from Cottage Grove? I grew up there! I live in Utah at the moment, but I’ll be returning to Oregon to get married (wedding in Portland and reception in Cottage Grove, honeymoon in the Mt. Hood area).
I would meet up with some unicyclists while I’m there, but I’ve got some more important things to do. Sorry. :wink:

7 years later…

Just looking for the people I know from the club in Corvallis, I thought I’d say I’m from Albany. Sorry about bringing this REALLY old thread back up, but I need riding buddies too. :slight_smile:

Nitsuatrahc, I still ride in McDonald orest almost every day and there is a great unicycle hockey team that play ever Monday at 5:00 in the Wilson School gym.

Why hello, friend.

Yeah. We definitely need to go hit the trails this summer. See you Monday for hockey!

I too am in Oregon. In Portland. I mostly ride trails/around town on a KH 29. not too many trails yet as I must borrow a car to get out there. I don’t post much but I read up on everything.

I ride post canyon, sandy ridge and syncline on a fairly regular basis, PM me and you can catch a ride with me here and there. :slight_smile:

I’ll probably be riding this Sunday if you want to go.

I ride my 20" all around Salem. Don’t have anybody to ride with but would be pretty cool to ride next to somebody sometime.

Ninbus Oregon

I ride an Oregon, but in Australia. Maybe UDC could have called the Oregon the Victoria.