*Ping* Dirtsurfer, how's your tubeless Coker?

Hi Dirtsurfer,

I’ve emailed Stan from Stans No tubes- just need to get some measurements for him to make me a 36’ rim strip. Do you happen to have those measurements?

Also, be keen to hear an update on what you think of the tubeless system:
-How is it after several more months riding?
-Have you had any punctures?
-How long can you leave the tyre before you notice that it needs to be pumped up again?
-I take it from your thread that you are not able to blow up the tyre from flat with a standard floor pump (you need a compressor?)
-It is faster and easier to accelerate isn’t it?
-Do you know how much lighter it is?
-Have you tried it off-road?

For those that didn’t follow the earlier thread, here it is:



I was just thinking of putting a review in the other section about tubeless. I ended up doing three uni’s tubeless, 36 Airfoil, 26 MUni, and a 24 MUni. Both Muni tires were the Nokian 3.0 on a 26 Try-all and 24 Double wide. Sorry I don’t have any measurements for you, I believe it was Tony Melton that gave them to Stan, though I would probably shorten the length an inch or two (it bunches up parallel to the rim for a couple of inches, still works fine though). Tubed or tubeless, I have yet to get a flat. Since December, I’ve hooked up the pump 3 or 4 times, though it only needed one pump to get it back to where I like it. I would recommend using a compressor, I bought a new tire and it came flat as if other tires were stacked on it. You will also have to use some foam tape down the center of the rim to build up the center of the strip to seal the tire as it inflates (also makes it harder to mount, not needed for 26 or 24). Depending on your climate, you have to add some fluid to the tire as regular maintenance (recommended every three monthes). Though it didn’t need it, I tried it. I was able to deflate, add fluid through the valve (minus the core) and reinflate the tire with a floor pump without any trouble. I haven’t weighed the fluid or rim strip but it is noticably lighter. I originally had Nimbus X cranks (152), but my first few mounting attempts, I found myself jumping right over it. I now use Monty’s (140), they get the same effect as the original 150s tubed. I have only had my 26 tubeless offroad and there it made it climb much better. Tempurature wise, I rode as cold as 10(F) degrees without any problems. The only loss I see is on the long straight flats, that loss of weight is a loss of momentum. For kicking around cars that get in your way, it rides like one of my smaller wheels. It took me many rides to get used to the weight difference, but my speed is back to what it was. The only other complaint I have came with the 24" Nokian 3.0. Upon inflating, little “zits” showed up on the sidewall of the tire, some popped and leaked some fluid till it could seal itself. This tire does not hold air as well as the other two (did not have this problem with the others). Obviously these tires are not made for tubeless and is most likely an imperfection in that peticular tire that I didn’t get in the 26" Nokian 3.0. The Coker tire is most likely made in Taiwan and has a very thick casing that I hadn’t had this problem in two 36" tires. With everything I have experienced, I would do it again…

Thanks, that’s really useful.

I did try Tony but he’d forgotten the measurements. Tony got the measurements off someone else (?)U-Turn

I might have to wrench that tyre off today a (not looking forward to that), and measure it.

Does that tape stretch a wee bit? Ie if I got it slightly too small would it stretch to fit? Or should I get it slightly too long and have it bunch up a little?

What about the width of the rim strip? No problems there?

I can’t wait to go tubeless :stuck_out_tongue:



You will have to use two types of tape. First the strapping tape, this will help seal off the spoke holes, this comes with one of his “kits”. Then the foam tape, the stuff I used was either 1/4 or 1/2" thick, you’ll have to pick this up at a hardware store. Niether will stretch. The width of the rubber rim strip that goes over everything is fine. It will seem too wide when you first put it on but thins out when you stretch and even it out over the rim. When I ordered mine, I had him send me a 26" also in one of his “kits”, this also reduced the price overall then ordering everything separately. Just make sure you follow the instructions that come with, or you can get them online at notubes.com. I would also recommend picking up a pair of Intense tire levers, they are heavy duty.