PING: Central and Southern California Riders

Howdy All,

Kris Holm will be in Santa Barbara on April 28th @ 7:30 at a promo for Horny Toad outdoor clothing. The event will take place at Santa Barbara Outfitters located at 1200 State St. in downtown Santa Barbara.

Apparently Horny Toad is helping to sponser Kris. Let’s show him our support by bringing our unicycles and letting these companies know that sponsering a unicyclist is worthwile.

Now come on you LA folks, I know your down there. I have to go down to LA for concerts all the time so I know you can make it up here! Plus it’ll be a good chance for us SoCal folks to start acting as organized as all the folks North of SLO.


Aw come on…Anybody besides us here in Santa Barbara?

uhhh, is it gonna be indoors? The pic on their website makes the store look pretty big inside! (climbing wall)

Not sure. There is a large city parking lot out back and alot of space in front of the Museum across the street. But I didn’t see how they were going to do it on the flyer.


This is really eating me up inside. I’ve never actually seen the MAN in person. 3 and 1/2 hours drive. You guys think its worth it?

7:30pm I assume? Its gonna be real late driving back home. I guess i can be positive and assume there wont be much traffic in LA. haha

whine whine whine -erik

Interesting. Only 45 min from me.

Just saw the ad in the Independent. I like the “A Moutain Unicyclist!” It just brings up all sorts of “Thats Incredible” references in my mind. Now all we need is some winged hair and butterfly collar shirts! Nathan if you were coming I would say the shirt you won from John @ CMUW last year would be appropriate!

And a raffle too! Minimum $5.00 purchase. I can’t think of anything in that store that costs less than 5 bucks :).

Rayden where do you live? Ventura? Camarillo? Oxnard? T.O.?

“Enter to win a Unicycle!” w00t. I wonder what kind?

thanks matt

yo yo yo i havnt posted in a long time but im probly going to only 45 min drive so imma leave a 12 and hope to get some ridin in before too i live in cypress, cali

Yeah, I know the feeling. I would love to go, but parental and family obligations have to take the lead on this one. I can do that drive in 90 minutes. I am in West Hills, just farther south from T.O. off the 101.

Mango, you gotta go! It would be a great opportuntiy to meet Kris, maybe all you guys can go out afterwards.

Just an idea, if everyone showed up with their uni’s, maybe you can have Kris Autograph the forks and then get a photo op in the local paper. Just an idea.

I will have to wait til Cal Muni weekend to hopefully see him ride.

have fun guys!!:smiley:

I live in Ventura.

Alright due to popular demand we’re doing a not so little pre-event ride in Santa Barbara. The trail is called Jesusita. We’ll meet at the Mission @ 3:00 and caravan the 5 min drive up to the trailhead. If you decide you want to do this ride, here are the rules:

You have to wear a helmet. For those of you who don’t like to…Tough. I’m not dragging your butt 7 miles down the side of the mountain after you noggin makes out with a boulder :slight_smile:

You must bring water.

Here are some recommendations:

Hand/Arm/Leg protection
A uni thats made for Muni (otherwise you’ll be doing alot of hiking)
A change of clothes. Not sure how much time or if showers will be available after the ride.

Ok guys, I promise this will be a blast.

If you interested email me and I’ll send you my info and directions to the Mission if you don’t already know the way.

Rod: Bring those kiddos! lets ride. Do you ever ride by Malibu Lake in that park where they used to film MASH? I rode there a while back and there were a couple fun spots. If it would be easier for you to make it there I’d drive down there in the near future.


Last minute change of plans…

We’re still meeting at the mission but will ride Cold Springs instead of Jesusita. Shorter but more intense sections + more shade.


cool, matt. See you all mañana. :smiley:


I can make it. I will have my 4 year old, Nikolaus with me. Karl, my 6 year old has a T-ball game at 6.00 p.m.

When I told Nikolaus that we were going to see Kris Holm, he went running to the back of the house yelling to my wife,
" Guess what mom, we are going to go see Kris Holm tomorrow, yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!"

I will be wearing my yellow 2001 CAl MUni weekend shirt and my “Dad’s Hat” baseball hat on. Yeah, and probably toting around a four year old on my hip or on my shoulders.

I might be able to get hold of a digital movie camara. If I can get it, is anyone willing to film Kris? I don’t want to concentrate on the camara, but rather just enjoy him riding, plus I’ll be corralling Nikolaus.

See yah guys.

Matt: Thanks for the offer on coming down to ride. We can talk later or email. I am interested in the single tracks that are supposedly in existance at the western end of Ahmanson Ranch in Agoura.


Malibu State Park is a favorite spot for rock climbing (my first sport) and mountain bikers, with a ton of wicked hard climbs and single tracks. I’ve gone climbing there a thousand times, but only once on my Muni, doing the Mash Site circuit you described. That rocky section is tricky.

Gets blazing hot out there in the summer but mornings are good. A rather famous fire road called “Bulldog” is about as grim a climb as can be imagined–I tried cranking the whole thing but had to quit when my legs caught fire. Few of the single tracks have been Muni’ed. I’ll see you this weekend (meeting Chris tomorrow at Venice) in SB and we can make some plans to explore Malibu if you’d like.


Yeah I did that trail about a month ago. We made the mistake of hiking up to the top of bulldog the back way through some houses, at about noon. IT WAS BLAZING!!! For some reason I forgot to bring along a light colored shirt :frowning: We rode down bulldog and by the time I got to the bottom my legs were on fire. Then we took the mash loop. Eyal did great on the rocky section but I was so exhausted from the heat I was sucking. Then we stayed to the right on the way to the damn and boy I’d never seen such thick P.O… The single track was about a foot wide with P.O. on both sides as high as my shoulders. It was good training for straight line control! Anyway after all that I definately want to try it again but this time not at noon :slight_smile: