Pimping out my wheels...(Pics)

This is great…the pics don’t do them justice…it’s really, really, bright. Especially the red one, which, I unfortunately shattered last night.

This is my Sun 28"
When I ride it, I get some comments about “it looks like some shoved a lightsaber…”
well, you get the idea.

A full size pic of the Geared Giraffe Uni


um, cool

that is SUPER COOL!! you should put them along your spokes though…

now that. is something i have never seen before.

you should try to get something like that on your spokes… the problem would be a bad UPD and the wiring…

What ARE those?? Pretty cool…

Cold Cathode Neon lights

So how exactly did you do it? Is it just a kit from fossilfool.com or is it something you conjured up on your own?

It’s just a neon light set for us inside computers. I clipped off the computer connectors, bought a 10XAA batter pack and connectors from mouser.com, and bought 10 AA NiMH batteries (=12v, if you use Alkaline, you only need 8.)
Charge them overnight, and they last about 3 hours.

those neons are awesome. sorry bought the red one. thats a shame. wish i had that on mine.

Have a look at the 3th & 4th pic on this page.
That were just 34 5mm leds sitting in holes I drilled in the rim (regular 5 mm leds do have an edge to do so).
The spokes were just covered by colored transparent plastic strips.

Thanks for the details Skippi. That is very cool.

What a fine gallery.:slight_smile:

Shiny lit unicycles are great… :slight_smile:

This is my illuminated 20", from the Honiton Winter Carnival last, erm, winter. Lots of glow-sticks and a loop of electroluminescent wire round the wheel.

After the carnival the wire went onto the 29er, where it was just the right length for going all the way round the wheel. It looked fantastic, but even though it survived a dip in the canal it didn’t survive a UPD which tore the plug off the end of the wire. Bah… :frowning:


I’m digging the LED action. I needs me a drill and a pocket full of LEDs!

'twould be cool to put some multicolor LEDs in the rim, hook 'em up to a shock sensor, then have the colors change every time you hop!

I had a friend who wired LEDs in the spokes of his bike and then had contact strips on the rim and then brushes that rub on the contact strips. When the wheels rotate the lights go on and off in different places and it was like a light show. I allways wanted to do it to a unicycle but never have it was realy cool.

probably fibre optics would be easier than leds

Re: Pimping out my wheels…(Pics)

On Mon, 26 Sep 2005 13:43:06 -0500, “maestro8” wrote:

>'twould be cool to put some multicolor LEDs in the rim, hook 'em up to a
>shock sensor, then have the colors change every time you hop!

We have a winner!

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