Pictures of your latest ride

The stop signs in France say “STOP” in English? That’s interesting.

Funny, I thought he exact same thing.

Unless I’m mistaken that’s a 36" wheel, correct? Where did you find that white wall tire?

you’re wrong, it says “STOP” in dutch :slight_smile:

Interestingly, the first octagonal red stop sign with the word ‘STOP’ written in white letters was introduced in the U.S. in 1954.:slight_smile:

Merci Pierrox! I have a property just north of Engouleme. Love the country, love the culture.

Yes, surprising about the traffic sign, and I never thought about it until now. So this is what the Web says about it:

“The STOP sign ever so familiar to North Americans is used throughout continental Europe and the World - and even reads “STOP” in English”

Yes, I did a complete makeover of my 36 that is well documented in the ‘Post your 36 here’ thread. it starts at page Post Your 36er Here

Fun on my new trials

With my wife on the morning ride (she rode 5+ km on 20").

Oh so sweet, you two make a good set of wheels. Do i see a tricycle on the way…;):stuck_out_tongue:

You mean “Angoulème” don’t you?
well welcome to the french chapter of the “Old Geezers On One Wheel” club!
Too bad I do not practice road riding anymore (I am a Muni person) otherwise I would have come to share a Guinness (though I am from Gascony I shamelessly drink that after a ride :p)

When someone asks where your other wheel is, you can point to her and say “right there”

New Jersey Pinelands; 7.94 miles of fire roads and fire cuts
Whole lotta fun! :smiley:

Plus, if you ever get another friend to come along for your ride, who is a bit uncomfortable around you two being ‘couply’, you can call him your third wheel :sunglasses:

Back in the woods…

Got out on the slack line today

Is that near where we stopped by in february?

Those trails look fun!

crazy weather this winter continues here in the Rockies, 4 days of record highs. it was 64F (18C) at time of pic. big natural wet avalanches because of temps, scary conditions in the backcountry, MUni trails opening up 4-6 weeks earlier than normal

Your dog is adorable.

I can’t believe no one else has commented to tell you how hilarious of a thought that is XD