Pictures of your latest ride

Yey Arduino :smiley:

I was thinking of logging some data from my unicycle but as I only have a muni and trials, it wouldn’t really be appropriate.

Might whack a 6DOF board on at some point - that would be interesting :slight_smile:

Just been reading your blog too and reading up about the 24h unicycle record - that’s quite some feat you’re thinking of undertaking - best of luck with it all!

High speed 36er in the dirt…

Mowcius! Haha! One time I was jumping between these forums and the arduino forums and noticed that hey, that guy always posting on here has the same name as someone always posting on there… been meaning to ask if it was the same person!

Yeah my original ideas were to use accelerometers, and I might later incorporate them with this, but this is the best way I can think of to get a measure of wheel speed change with high rotational resolution.

Yeah it’s me. Onions off the arduino forum has also just got a unicycle but I think he’s only been on the UUU forum rather than the one. He lives very close to me (within 40 miles or so) so I might meet up with him at some point and discuss unicycles and electronics :smiley:

I was discussing hall effect sensors with some people - you can place a magnet behind them and sense ferrous metals - not sure how well it would work with something as small as spokes or with (presumably) stainless spokes as they are often not very magnetic (or somtimes not magnetic at all)

I was thinking maybe a photo-interruptor disk would be better (but would probably need something like a disk brake hub or some modified ISIS cranks (like the sinz cranks used for mountain uni disks) as something to mount a disk to)

Oh and as you’re probably someone who might use IRC, I’m on #arduino and #unicycle :slight_smile:

I should have gone for a ride today so I could post a photo here and not be completely off-topic… If only my uni wasn’t broken. Here’s some from ages ago:

Nelson BC.

First big tour. Miss those dreads…


Excellent. I knew about Hal-effect sensors but it hadn’t occurred to me they might be sensitive enough to detect spokes themselves! I wasn’t excited about the prospect of mounting 36 regular cyclocomputer magnets to my wheel. I’ll have to look into it more.

Yes, I will probably end up using the spokes as a photo-interrupter. Or, when I get my MountainUni disc break, I was thinking of using that. I like the simplicity of only having electronics on one side of the frame, though.

Either way I still need a method of tracking where on the wheel the signal is coming from, so I’d probably keep the taped rim if I used a spoke-based interrupt, etc. Or do some fancy software magic that used the valve’s interrupt to reset the counter…

Time to dust off my IRC client.

Didn’t have a decent ride - too much mud. Might be time to switch to road riding until spring!

Nonsense! Whenever it’s muddy, you take out your crappiest clothes, and then fall in mud puddles and stuff. It’s way fun!

Disclaimer: Uni may need cleaning after a good day of mud bogging

There was an event on earlier in the day and most of the tracks I normally ride were ‘raped & pillaged’. And yes…I know all about the cleaning, it even gets in between the bumper and the saddle, as for having fun when you fall, I guess that depends on the risk involved. There is a risk of impalement or serious injury where I ride and its not one I am willing to take.

Well, I haven’t tried it with spokes and I am skeptical as to whether it will work - I’ll try test it out for you.

If you’re thinking of getting a mountain uni disk break anyway then you could probably mount an interruptor disk on the crank as well, make it kinda like a large top hat so it’s spaced off - then you could make a hole or two different sizes to work out where you are on the wheel (or have a second sensor and a single sticking up bit that passes through that every rotation).

I didn’t catch you on IRC if you were on yesterday - I’m on whenever my computer’s on though so I’ll hopefully catch you another time.

If I’m honest, if all my rides looked that dry I’d be very happy

My new high jump record… :slight_smile: Goal for 2011 is to jump +90cm :slight_smile: I will practise every day :slight_smile:

Why dont you just set 100cm + for 2011? :wink: You’re far over that 80cm! You’ll get 90cm this year for sure, it looks like you have the good technic. Really nice tuck :slight_smile:

Thanks! 100cm + would be great. I hope I can do it. :slight_smile:

Roading the 36

Yet another road ride! On this trip:

  1. those access mirrors get everywhere
  2. Doesn’t look much of a gradient but roof line of house gives an idea
  3. No dreds but I can still make myself look like a goblin. Note my sleeves are longer than previous pic 'cos I zipped them back on!
  4. Photo give an idea of my general location

Posing in the guinnesshow studio in italy
more pics in my blog:

We had nice culture and artistic workshops this weekend and today two things were there at the same time: unicycles and the sun :slight_smile:
It was great to see so many girls intrested in trying :slight_smile:

26 mile of undulating road ride today.

  1. Mirror, mirror on the wall…
  2. The most extreme camber I have ever failed to negotiate. Red horizontal line superimposed highlights the drop in the road from the base of the uni wheel to the other side of the narrow road - about 15/20 inches.
  3. Welsh farmers burn their fields behind me in preparation for cultivation.




C2C Race

A local race with a really steep long hill for St. Patty’s Day. Wasn’t feeling strong after complications with a wisdom tooth extraction. The course starts with a really steep hill that goes a full mile and I just didn’t think I had it to surmount the hill. I wanted to show up strong and prevail, but felt weak as a kitten. I had earlier talked myself out of it numerous times, then signed up in the last half hour, missed the shuttle bus, stuffed the sensor in my sock and barely got to the start line as the the Wheel Chair and Unicycle Division started the race. I finished well, no UPD’s, surprised myself and that was a good feeling.

in the third pic left side there is someone with an Orkney ensign :thinking: