Pictures of your latest ride

Today, big air

Lake placid a few weeks ago

here it is! Taught her how to ride some weeks ago.

She rides! Lucky guy, don’t let that girl get away.

I won´t ! :wink: Even though I doubt she´ll ever get as obsessed as I am. Cool thing: At first she tried to impress me with learning it :wink: but even after we got together, she stuck to it. Promising! =)

Group of us from Rochester, NY were able to get out on the trails today. Unfortunately, I had to leave early but the ride was cool.

From left to right, Mj (me), Buzz (MuniOrBust), Colin (colin340), and John (I don’t know if John is on here or his user name, sorry I just met John at the start of the ride).

Some pics from the ‘Three Ring Circus’ 50km mtb event I rode in recently. Race report and more pics here Race report: Three Ring Circus (50km MTB event Australia)





I ride the road really. Heres a photo from todays 40 mile training route. Bend on a gradient on a camber. Is that a unicyclist nightmare?

i hate gradients. balance=gone

Whohoo, upstate NY muni groups! We’ve been having a few good rides here in Albany with Steveyo and Unicorn (Adam, visiting for the summer), need to get a photo next time. Anyone coming over with Buzz for our 26th Sept muni race?

Beautiful Keystone Colorado:
Picture by my GFF.


I was thinking about coming to the muni race but I’m not good with dirt hills yet I’m able to do some. I thought I would be able to get a good deal of practice in before the 26th of Sept (especially if I am the only female of the group) I would need a lot of practice. Saturday’s rides were fine, Sunday Buzz and I decided to go for another ride, that went well too. At the last part of our ride we decided to ride skinnies, ramps, etc. Buzz did great as always, I went up a skinny ramp after Buzz successfully managed it and at the top I stalled and failed miserably and suffered a bad sprain of my ankle, I’m sidelined :frowning: hopefully for only a week or so but since I needed more practice to begin with I’m afraid I won’t get enough tough riding/practice time in before the 26th. :frowning: :o I will work on it though.

That’s one spiffy hat you got there :smiley:

Another Poll! I like the splash of coordinated color in your outfit, too. A touch of flamboyance without being over the top. Kudos to you, sir! The vest makes me wonder who’s done a steampunk unicycle and matching ensemble. Anyone have pictures?

Great ride through the Pinenuts today!

Baconm13 on the left and me on the right:

Here he comes!

Should we do it? (We tried…)

Here’s a picture of me on the ungeared 36er in front of my new home city:

Got any pictures of that? Looks a bit dusty :smiley:

No, I don’t have any pictures…

Vacation in Croatia

That: ROCKS!

Bike and Uni’s ready for ‘the move to the south’

Forgot to mention how I stored them.

bike and unistorage.JPG

National Cycle Route 8

I’m always on NCR8 'cos it’s just around the corner from where I live - lots of opportunity to do different sections of it. Good weather today meant a nice 15 mile section around the coast :slight_smile: