pictures - new trialframe

hi freaks,

here are some pictures of my new trialframe:

…more would follow on in a few days…


Re: pictures - new trialframe

Whoa, that unicycle looks really beefy! Any info on weight?


how big is the tire?
can it fit a bigger tire?

Wow, I never have seen street lamps made into a unicycle before! That thing looks like a) it cant fit a wide tire b) weighs a ton c) it was more trouble than it was worth to build. I know that its a project, but I’ll stick to my Sem.
-David Kaplan

a) Looks like it fits a Monty trials tire just fine. That’s the fattest 20" tire available.

b) I don’t know about weight, but depending on material the weight could be reasonable for a trials uni.

c) I don’t think there is a 20" Sem XL or XLW frame that will fit a Monty tire so Sem is not an alternative for a trials uni - unless you get a Sem Deluxe.

The cut-out for the tire keeps the frame skinny. The alternative is to use ovalized tubes. But getting ovalized tubes adds to the cost. The bad part about the cut-out design is that you have to deflate the tire to get it in in and out of the frame.

Looks like a kick ass uni to me.

My only critical comment is that I would put the crown a little closer to the tire so it would be better for gliding and other skills where you scuff the tire.


From the width of the welds I would say alot of heat was required and that the material must be aluminum. It looks extremely rugged and probably is and is probably fairly light even though it appears to be made with stout material. I think John Childs is right about the inconvenience of a cutout (having to deflate the tire) but it is a good way to maintain a low profile and still accommodate a fat tire. If I look at the seat tube I would say it is definitely aluminum.


…the frame is made of aluminium and the weight is under 900gramm - the complete trialuni weights 5.60kg.

"The bad part about the cut-out design is that you have to deflate the tire to get it in in and out of the frame. " no, that is not the truth ;-). For getting in and out of the frame, you mustn’t deflate the tire.

The favourite point on this frame was to build it very strong…for big drops and more.


Re: material

12.34 lbs- nice. How much does Phat Fred weigh? And why did you revers the boiler plate?


Hi Christopher,

the old Fat Fred has a weight of nearly 2kilogramm (!). I drove about one year this heavy frame, now it’s enough…

"And why did you revers the boiler plate? "

Sorry, I don’t know what you mean with this sentence. Maybe my english is to bad…:slight_smile:


Wow, may not be the most stylish unicycle, but I guess I was wrong about the other stuff i said, although it doesnt look to me that that is a monty tire, but I’m probably wrong about that too. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to practice my new trick: riding with one foot in my mouth.
-David Kaplan


Don’t hog my glory- I allready hold the record for riding REALLY FAST with a foot in my mouth.


'Round here, boiler plate refers to metal plate (sheet) with a patern of ridges for traction. The section that raps the crown looks to be made of this material, with the raised sections pointed IN to the frame- as aposed to out.

BTW: the frame is a Bad Assed Mo’ Fo’- exactly what a tough Monti Style Street Pounder should be! Congradulations!


'Round here, we call it “checker” plate. I’ve never heard it called boiler plate.

Felix, it looks like a “sehr stark” frame. Keep up the work.

David it clearly is a Monty tire. It is worn down, which makes it look different. Also check out the “OEM ONLY” badge on the sidewall.

Caleb Penner
Chilliwack Unicycling Club

thank you

Hi freaks,

a big “Thank you” to all who posted a reply to the new frame. I think it is important to know how other unicyclists thinks over the own uni-projects. Sometimes they have good tips…

Yesterday I tested the trialuni over a few hours in the german city “Dortmund”, maybe someone of you know this… . Big drops drops and high jumps (very important) are no problem with aluminium :wink:

thank you
and greetings