Pictures from the Belle Isle Muni Ride

The pictures from the Richmond, VA Muni ride are now online!


Nice pics! That Rocky Mountain Fever shot looks like lots of fun.

Everybody check out the Hell on Wheel Gallery! It has been remodeled and much as been added, including pics from:

Belle Isle
24 Hours of Snowshoe
NJ MUni Weekend
Miscellaneous Outings

Check it out!!

Thanks for posting the photos. That looks like a great place to ride. It also looks like it was dry and the sun was out for several of the shots. You guys had a great turnout with ten riders, too. Chex alone counts as six riders so you can hedge and say 15 were there. The place looks like a giant trials playground. Were there any long trails? Is this an annual ride for you east coast guys?

On Belle Isle there aren’t any long trails, but there are some long trails along the James river. We will try to make it an annual ride, or as often as possible. We could probably even do it 2 or 3 times a year if people would come. It depends on if people can come ride or not.

Thanks for the laugh Greg.

that allan fellow sure looks like a total dork, he cant ride for beans
there is another in Hell on Wheel named Allen, though. he owns me and my socks

Great Pictures John, thanks for sharing them. Looks like a great time was had by all.

Some of the down hills looked IMPOSSIBLE. --chirokid–