pictures from Rhyslings PCS phone.

over the last 4 days my inbox was flooded by pictures from Rhysling’s cell phone.they are low rez but some of them are the most creative shots ive seen so far.

in alot of them i had no idea who the people were so those have no captions untill i find out what is what or who is who.i put captions on some of them though,i could’nt resist…the first page is here but dont forget about page 2 its got my favorite pics of all 76.

Warning: a couple are PG-13

Hey, where’s the pic of the Harper Tatoo on my massive bicep?

8 is my kid, Andrea, and Chantell from PPDT.

59 is me eating it

75 is me taking a “camelback” shower after the Muni cross country race. Put my hydration pack on top of Tommy’s truck and hosed my head down to cool off.


A lot of mine are probably repeats but I also have some pics from Rhysling’s camera phone, as well as mine, here:

Grab them if you want them.

Edit: I took some pics with my digital camera and have them here too:


Heres my attempt at identifying.

3: gilby
4. medical table at muni events
5.on the right is jerry, then me, then…
7. John foss.
9. Nikki (I think)
13. (and 14, I think) mojoe.
16. tommy.
17. gilby.
19 dave.
20. Josue barreto
24. me.
28. nikki
32. mark and jerry (in the background)
35. Chad.
37.tommy and what looks to be some float princesses.
39&40. jack hughes.
42. the peurto rico all stars basketball team.
43. Beth shields (riding) and steve shields (jogging)
45. Carroll “Gus” dingemans, AKA the old coot.
46. Tommy Thompson.
47. I think that’s mark again?
49. looks like it could be ryan woessner. could be wrong though.
53, christy grider out front and unsure.

and hey, it wont let me look at anymore right now.


i got some of those captions on there now but it is a slow and laborus affair.i have to reload every pic after a caption change! totaly sucks.

i wonder who that poor sap is that passed out in the chair? and who put a tat on there left cheek and was it slapped on there?heh heh…

(EDIT): fitting new avitar Max…

Jagur renamed his album

If you click on the links in the first post you go to one of my albums now.

I’d like to save that for the Name that Body-Part contest (forthcoming).


UniBrier,your link goes to the 1st page of the gallery? not mine :thinking: the gallery is deffinatly acting stange…

it wont let me change the album name back so here are the fresh links…page 1page 2

10: David Ramos

Nice to see all these pics by the way. My NAUCC 2003 highlights are purely vicarious.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Pics 0468 to 0476 are of Brad’s freestyle routine with me as the villain.

Brucetoad (inside joke there)

I’ve ‘appropriately’ annotated most of the 75; don’t agree with my pithy whit? Disparage it at will in 'yer own comment.