Picture of the boys' backyard trials course

The boys have been practicing on trials since we returned from NAUCC. This afternoon after school, they built a mini-trials course in our backyard. It looks pretty good for their first attempt. The rolls of rubber are left over slowboard material if you remember the slowboard course from NAUCC.

From left to right:
Brad Edwards, Jerry Moffitt, and Ben Edwards all from The Unicycle University in Rochelle.



Well, there goes the neighborhood. Next they’ll be moving an old car in to ride on…

Looks great! I passed a few pallates the other day and my first thought was “I wonder if they want those.”

Nice looking trials set up. That’s cool that you have those strips of rubber. I had big plans for those at the NAUCC trials course before I found out they where for the slow boards. My idea was to stretch some of it out between two boxes or something, to make a swinging flexible skinny. I think it would be a really cool line. Just thought I’d give you the idea. If you ever do make something like that I’d love to see pics.



Great idea! We’re working on it now. Pictures tomorrow.


I want one. Oh, wait, I don’t have the space.:frowning: :angry:

You’ve got one. You just need to go see the Edwards family to use it. Remember to take your cracked Miyata handles with you when you go.

I’ve got the day off today and tomorrow. Drop by anytime.


I built a slack bridge into the boys’ trials course this morning and got some pictures of Ben and Brad riding the bridge. It seems pretty easy to do but maybe so because of it’s short length, about 10’. The real problem was trying to keep the pallets from tipping and moving, something we’ll have to address when we have a few more minutes than we have tonight.

Here’s Ben on the bridge:


The rubber is old conveyor belt material from the local rock quarry. I call and they let me come down and load up used belting. This particular belt is pretty substantial, at least 7/16" thick and reinforced. The belt doesn’t roll so it makes a pretty sturdy slack bridge.

Brad was the first one to make it across successfully. Here he is on the bridge:


Some benches on the south bank in London were topped with a similar rubber layer; we found they made for an excellent surface to pedal grab on. Silent, grippy and undamagable… perfect!


The slack bridge was moving the top pallets so we put in a simple tie down system. Seems to work well.


Hey Bruce,
Super-fun set-up! As I write this I’m waiting for enough light to go out into my backyard and play on my trails set-up. Gosh! Don’t you just love it when you can have the kids (and yourself) have an awesome adventure and never leave the backyard! The lads are amazing!

That is one good trials course! :wink:

For real! I’m really jealous. Don’t be suprised if i come for a visit!

Now how do you get to rochelle again? :smiley:

Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning.

Actually, you’re welcome anytime. The boys are constantly arranging and adding to the heap. Here’s a link with virtual directions:
http://mruc.unicyclist.com at the bottom of the page.

Where is or what is Q-town, IL?


Q-Town Is Quincy. It’s right on the Mississippi river.