Pictorial ride write up

That looks like a great area, the sort of XC riding that I think I’ve developed into.
I reckon I’m only an hour away so could you let me know a few more details so I could have a day exploring? Thanks.


That’s the link to the official website.

I park at the official car park because when I parked in the unofficial one I had my car broken into. It costs £3 per day to park, pay and display. There’s a cafe and a bike shop.

The forest offers several square miles of pine, broadleaf and mixed woodland, criss crossed with broad forestry access roads, prepared “pistes” for unimaginative bikers, and miles and miles of unofficial single track. There is an area of obstacles and jumps specially designed for mountain bikers, and they are planning to put some “north shore” stuff in later.

In the forest you will occasionally see wild deer, and there are loads of squirrels, rabbits and the like. Birdlife is plentiful and I have seen green woodpeckers, jays, and one buzzard.

The Desert is officially out of bounds - it is private land, but everyone goes there in Land Rovers, Jeeps, quads, trailbikes and one mad bloke on a unicycle. Now and again the police have a crack down, but only if someone is being murdered or raped somewhere else in the county. :roll_eyes:

The “Cursed Earth” is my name for an area near to the desert - as most of you will have realised, it comes from the Judge Dredd series in 2000AD comic in the late 1970s.


Looks like a pig of a hill.

I would’ve bottled it ten yards in.