Pictorial ride write up

I haven’t done many write ups recently, because they were starting to get a bit samey. I have been riding about once a week in 2009, although today was my first proper “expedition”.

As usual, I started at Sherwood Pines:


There was loads of this sort of stuff. Sometimes two miles or more without a UPD; sometimes two UPDs or more within a mile.


Then after an epic leap over a ditch that was deeper than I am tall (carrying the unicycle, not riding it!) I was in the area known (to me and other local blokes of a certain age) as The Cursed Earth…


Taking photos of myself riding is a bit artificial, but here we go:


Usually I make it to the top of the big hill in one, but today, as I was plotting my route around some standing water and wheel ruts, I had one minor error.


Lovely place to be




The Desert has been mentioned in may previous ride write ups.


Photos from the tops of hills never make the hill look big enough.


Do they?


Ones from the bottom aren’t much better. Trust me, it’s a hard climb.


Tired by now, with 2 or 3 miles back to the car.


A pretty good ride. And near the end, I saw a buzzard soaring over the forest canopy. And the weather was so good even the mountainbikers were coming off the main tracks!

That area is not so aesthetically pleasing. But looks like good for Muni!

To be fair, the photos are of the worst bits. I’ve done some Google Imaging and these are of the forest bit that made up half the ride. (Not my photos)





well i am thinking that it is call cursed earth for a reason :smiley:

Those who remember my write ups from a couple years ago may recall various other areas such as the Black Lagoon (now filled in!).

You won’t find The Cursed Earth on a map, but you will find it here:

Dredd 2.jpg

Dredd 1.jpg

Limping today. I think I overdid it so early in the season.:frowning:

Sounds like you had a lovely day. The weather looks great.

Congrats on those uphills … they kill me but are worth it for the downhills.
What a brilliant day … The forest and desert!
My football coach used to always say “legs are the first to go!”