Pics from today.

so because i was having to bring my 24" to its new owner, i thought i would take it for one more ride. My roommate and i went out for a ride and took some pics.

you will be missed 24…

Cool pictures. I like how you did that color isolation or whatever its called.

that looks wicked, the first and second one would be magazine material

I really like that second pic. Its tight!

hey nice pics man are you still in vancouver im hopefully gonna come out to more rides soon so hope to see you

As a photographer I say awesome pictures but I’d try and avoid the selective color, its usually way over done and done poorly. You did a good job executing it but it doesn’t really add anything to the pictures - especially the first one. The second works well enough though.

Nice shots.

Awsome photos. Can’t wait to see more!!:smiley:

hey brock,

yeah i am, ill be here for awhile from the looks of it took, hope fully looking to get some work out here.

thanks for the feedback guys.

t’was a fun day

bump, because not many people take the time for pictures these days. its all video:o

Nice pics, Justin. I really like the black and white with the selective color highlights. I love looking at stills because you can pick out more detail in them than video. :smiley:

Makes me want to get out and take more photos, and possibly buy a new camera that takes good still shots.

Problem is I ride alone 99% of the time so it is hard to get any photos, but I do like looking at really good still shots of any extreme/alternative sport/hobby, they do seem to capture a moment in great detail.

i really like your blog bungalistic, nice shots

Nice pics, just as $unidude$chad$ said teh first 2 are magazine material.

Thanks very much, I must say I prefer taking photos to actually being in them, that site is a mix of myself and two others who ride very infrequently.