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>>>>> “derrick” == A.D. Williams adw3345@ultb.isc.rit.edu (A.D. Williams)
>>>>> writes: “ephraim” == Ephraim Vishniac <ephraim@Think.COM> writes:

derrick> Do I lean the unicycle all the way to the side (like when I’m skiing
derrick> and I turn to a halt) or does the unicycle lean forward (like with ski
derrick> jumping), or does the unicycle remail relatively straight up but the
derrick> rider does a bodily contortion that allows his arms to reach the
derrick> ground?

ephraim> Experts will expand on this, I’m sure, but: What most non-chimpanzees
ephraim> do is to reach down on one side while the unicycle sticks out to the
ephraim> other.

Actually, I don’t do this at all. I bend forwards and the uni seat goes
backwards. The object can then be anywhere from a little behind (and to the side
of) the pedal to almost in front of the wheel.


wow… just… wow

this thread, [pause for effect] was started when i was one year old. :astonished:
i reckon thats pretty epic.

and terry, i think you should do what comes naturally and let the seat rock back while you bend forward and pick it up
a low saddle will help immensely

assuming you still uni

how my dad taught it, is let the unicycle go where it wants to, then fix it by leaning the correct ways, keep your arms out straight, not holding onto the seat, I learned free mounting first, though most learned riding first.
If you wish to turn a direction lean slighty to that direction, let the uni go there, then fix where it is going and keep it straight after the turn.

When I first saw this thread I thought it was spam, because the poster was just an email address. That just happened again, and I almost reported it. Again.

-Keven Mckay

just befor me! :astonished:

That’s because it was posted on the usenet group rather than directly on the forums. In fact, back then I don’t think they even had the forums, it was the dark ages of the internet when men when men, etc and this “world wide web” thingy hadn’t really taken off. That said, he could have included his name there somewhere…

The forums are bridged with Usenet so that you can post on one and it’ll appear in the other. The spam we get often comes from Usenet, which is why the posters don’t have proper forums IDs. Some people do prefer to post their (legitimate) messages from usenet though - I think it’s more convenient than using the web forum.