Photos of my stamping ground

New digital camera, but struggling to get the gallery to work. Too late at night to be messing about installing software and Applets and stuff. here’s some photos.

This one’s at the Watersports Centre on yesterday’s ride.

That is a Ghetto Unicycle Man

Blimey! That came out rather big. Dunno what I did wrong there. I’m 41 you know. Here’s one of some of the grassy humps by the white water course.


Ah, that’s better. Here’s a nice one looking out over the main rowing course. The hills are steeper than they look… honestly!


“Ghetto unicycle”? Qu’est ce que c’est?

One more photo for now. Here’s where it landed after the first UPD yesterday. This is the rough steep(ish) climb up from the main lake to the back of the ski lake. Tricky to ride when you can’t see the ground for the long grass…


Nice pictures. But you keep leaving your unicycle in the picture. Next time when you want to take the picture, dismount your unicycle then walk towards the area that you are going to photograph. That way you won’t keep making the same mistake of having that wheel thing in the foreground of your photo ruining a perfectly beautiful scenic.

Kidding aside, beautiful area.