Photos from Tauranga mini Muni weekend

Joe Dyson (unicyclistjoe), Marcus Powell and I spent three summery days after New Year’s riding the delights which Tauranga and Rotorua have to offer. We did a couple of trials rides at schools and on the Tauranga waterfront and also went offroading at Oropi Grove and at the Redwoods in Rotovegas. I’m planning on making a short film of the weekend. Until then… Here are my photos from the trip.


Nice, those are some great picture.

Nice pics, those stumps look like lots of fun! Any videos?


The most challenging part of the stump sequence was where a post was missing - I did a flying pedal grab to the tallest post then teetered on the edge for what seemed like ages then went to rubber.

Yep, there’s some videos alright! I want to edit them before I post them on my gallery first, though. Did you go to Woodford this year Andrew? Got any pics of it?

Cool Tony, Me, you and Joe will have to do some riding before X*Air (I hear your staying with him aswell) When are you arriving?

Edit: Thanks Tony just got your email

wow Joe you look…different:p

Sorry, not much in the way of Woodford pics, except for some fun unicycle jousting (or rather bashing each other with large padded sticks). I’ll put them up eventually. Woodford was great, but nothing like the trials demos we did last year :). It was more fun with you there Tony, you have to come next year.

Gecko and I are organising next year’s Woodford…it will be more trials and muni orientated with a great trials setup for almost all skill levels.