Photo Sessions

The last few weeks I had the luck to take some photos with a good friend and professional photographer heather mull, just thought you guys would like to see some of the work.


Some rooftop fun (4 stories up) and some more street photos to come soon.

above fountain low res.jpg

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very nice shots

Those chimney sweep shots crack me up.

Wow, I love that hat!


Those are terrific photos. I especially liked the vertical close up of you on the chimney.

Sweet photos man!

My ma has started a photography business and keeps saying she wants to take some good photos of unicycling. I’m gonna send her these to show her what to aim for.


those are really impressive!
i think i am going to set one as my computer back ground.
would you mind?

I really liked the first one!

Really nice! I think it’s great to see some photos rather than (as well as) videos around here for a change.

Really, really nice.


No problem at all,

This one is my fav.

The trick was a 6 foot gap with about a little under a 5 foot drop to it.

Real sweet man.

I love taking pics, but I have trouble getting good unicycle ones 'cuz I’m always the one on the unicycle. :smiley:

lol i like you tophat/scarf look :slight_smile:

Nice! the first one was best

checkernuts, just wanted to tell you that the drop pic is the one that i set as my background!
its on the computer i use at work. i work at the Information Desk in our campus Student Center and so when people walk by and see it, i always get questions about who that is and what they are doing.

i try to explain as best as i can keeping in mind they have slim to no knowledge about uni’s and all that entails.

you can pass on to the person who is in the pic that there are about 5 women in Wisconsin who would be interested in dating him. :slight_smile:

lucky, whered you get those kick ass chimney sweet clothes, ahh man, i wish i had some of those. theres no cool mary poppins roofs like that around my house though

I hope you dont mind that I touched up this pic a bit, uploading it to the gallery made it a bit blurry for some reason but here it is, I brightened the scene and desaturated for an antique like look:

Again I hope you dont mind me touching up this picture, they are just so awesome I cant help but tweak them a bit!

Awesome pics, I’m :o to post any now :slight_smile: